Monday, December 8, 2014

Tree Elves

Here are my Elves.
 I made 4 of them and they range
 from 10 to 12 inches high.
I have them with the bunnies I also made for the tree.
So much fun to make and keeps life interesting.
Christmas is for children and a theme of home made toys
is always fun.
I got to learn how to make dolls now and my fear of failure
is lessened
Have a good one.

Began putting up the tree and trying my hand at playing my piano,
 I havent touched for years. I got it for my kids but ....hard to get them
 to be serious about it.
Believe me  when I say everything doesn't come back.
 Fingers don't move properly and there is a need to learn to  read the notes again.
They have new easier methods to learn to play.
Well I only play easy music so no need to worry about that.
On tv they show every woman knowing how to play piano and yet today
they can't give them away.
So many pianos are thrown away and schools could sure use them
 as well as senior citizens homes and hospitals,
Well, have yourself a good one.


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