Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Special Birthday Cake

A Special Birthday Cake told by a child.
Children are a joy and a blessing and make life worth living
and the whole world lights up around them,
 just like a great birthday cake.

I lucked out. Usually I dont like making dough cause of all the mess
 but lately I have been making it
and it always comes out so poofy and nice, it gets me all excited.
So I had enough for pizza crust and 27 large meat pyrogy and one ball to freeze to use later and to see if it will be just as good, cause then I will freeze more.
I made ribs and after a day of dishes I was glad to finish.

I sprayed my dolls and now they are ready to dress.
When you have a whole bunch of dolls sitting together, it makes you fall in love with them
and mine are coming out nicer and nicer with each effort.
Each one is so different and adds character and color and each one has a story.
No wonder kids love to play with them.

Yesterday I watched a movie and one actor said:
"Police have rules and criminals don't".

This brought my eye brows up cause it fit right in with all
what is happening right now between the police and the public.

The public is raising heck over police shooting of people but
they are missing the point.

Much of the blame lies with the public.
The public does not know how to behave in public.
The public is rude and arrogant  and unpredictable.
We raise children as lost souls, robbing them of their child hood.
No wonder the police does not see them as such.

We watch programs of how police here in BC have to talk a person down
when he is high and edgy. Here they know chances of a person being armed is small
but they could be armed with an infected needle.
They could spit at you and this could be equally deadly.

The worse the public they deal with becomes, the harder their job and frankly,
they are not paid enough to put themselves in such jeopardy.
Police also have families to go home to who love them.

Now the issues here are not "human rights", or "blacks have a right to live".
Every one has a right to live.
The issue here  consists of behavior.
A child should be a child. An adult has to behave like an adult and not like a child.
An adult is more accountable and responsible for his own life and righteousness.
When the public behaves like unruly, unpredictable children, a policeman has a right
 to self defense and this results in a bad end.

The public should not fear the police but then the police should not fear the public either.
Thing is today....police fear the public and this is what has to be addressed.


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