Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Canvass Coloring


This was a fun project to do and very easy for kids and parents to spend a quality evening together coloring.

I got a painters canvass for the floor from Home Depot.
I cut it into the length I wanted and drew pictures on it.

This canvass is easy to color with felts and /or you can use acrylic paint.

You can sew up the sides or do whatever finishing you may want and use it for carpet covers for Christmas or as a Table cloth or a couch cover. Actually it could go anywhere depending on what you draw on it.You can even turn it into a curtain.

If you varnish it, it will be easy to wipe off any spill from it or it can be put under a clear plastic table cover or glass.

What is good about it though, is the fun a family could have being creative and since it is reusable you can put the dates and names and anything else you may want to remember the year it was made.

I had fun making this one.
I could still put more stuff on it but I didn't know what else to do. lol

I didn't want to over crowd it and risk destroying what was turning out so nice.
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Nessa said...

I love it. It's so cute and a great idea. I wanna do one.

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A Lady's Life said...

The idea is quite versatile. lol