Sunday, December 6, 2009


This is one project that I have been working on.
It was to be a present for my Son.

I love to do things for my Family .
I like to leave things for them to remember me by,
having things from my own Gramma I treasure to this day.
I picture her doing them and I know my kids will do the same.

As it happens, this throw will be even more memorable.
I finished it the day His High School won the Provincials
I will write more about this on another post.

Hope you enjoy the throw The pattern is so easy and enjoyable to do.
I made 45 blocks, one color at a time. 45 yellows, 45 reds, etc..
I used 40 for the throw and then two blocks(for front and back) for each pillow I made two pillows.
It worked out fine. I have one block left for good luck which will probably throw me into beginning another throw with. lol



Nessa said...

Beautiful throw. I'm sure it will be greatly treasured.

Santa Puppets

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I love this throw. I wish I had this talent and creativity. I've always wanted to make my own throw with bright orange and yellow and white. Maybe I'll take a "How to" class and cross that off my list ;-)

Love, peace and blessings

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks. I have to say I did enjoy making it. Doing squares are fast and simple.
I think crocheting is easier and more fun to do because you only use one hook.Usually I make huge blankets which I began in the hospital while sitting with my Mom.
Now when we use these blankets, I always remember her . This is good work to do when you are watching TV or childrens sports.
My Gramma said always keep your hands busy cause this way more things can be done even when relaxing.
I envy the days when women would sit together helping each other make quilts by hand. It was a great way to socialize and kept people close.
Today everything is fast. Just go to the store and buy it.

But they will never be throws like this one. I was thinking to put a white sheet under it with maybe lace around the parts that are longer than the throw Then it will really look nice.:)