Thursday, April 2, 2015

What's a Place Like You, Doing in a Girl Like this?

Hey Bob!

Eleanor. Good to see you.

 See the store is doing good.

Can't complain. You came in to do some shopping? 

Ya , always need supplies. Did you find those guys I called you about?

 You know , we sent a helicopter but we found no ski doos or people. 
Or cow for that matter. You said you gave them a cow? 

Ya . They wanted a horse but I couldn't give them Beau and I was
scared there for a while they might insist.
 I got home late chasing those cows and ended up sleeping in the barn.
 I was so tired and there was a cougar stalking us and then Yawny came and
chased it.

Yawny? Who's Yawny?

 Oh it's this wolf that shared our campfire the night before.
He got scared of the skidoos wouldn't you know.
He was gorgeous, with this huge golden mane.
We lucked out the animals and I. Anyway, these men slept in my cabin and
 made themselves at home. The whole thing is bizarre.

 They left with the cow though thank fully and I called you to tell you.

 Hmmm. Guess this is a police matter.
You said two people were missing on the skidoo?

 That's what they said. We were about 12 miles out when I did
hear skidoos in the dark and a bunch of guys hootin and hollerin.
 I was thinking that it wasn't a good thing to do this time of year
with so much risk of avalanche. You think there was one?

 We did not have any reports but hey, it's the Rockies.

 I laughed. Ya. That says it all doesn't it.
Well looks like I'm out a cow.
They should have reached some kin in Bear Mountain by now if nothing else.

 Ah, hate to tell you girl but no one lives up there.

 Well this is getting weirder and weirder every minute.
I don't know what to think.

Well I guess the first thing to do is report a missing cow and
the names of these two fellas you met.


 After a few hours at the police station the journey home was swift.
 Dad's old Harley putted away telling every one not to mess with it .
 The side car was filled to the brim with supplies.

As I got closer I saw the chimney of my cabin being used again.
 This is beginning to become a habit with people coming up here I thought.

As I neared the front door, it opened and a smiling face appeared.

 Hi! Remember me? James? James French? 

 I got off the bike and gently took off the helmet.

Why yes. You are the man who stole my cow.

We shook hands.

Oh hardly. I hope you didn't think that.
 In any event she is in the barn with the other 5 cows as good as new. 

Well I didn't know what to think.
 The cow was missing since spring and a search didn't find anyone in
 the area you said you were going.

 I headed for the barn and sure enough there was Chou Chou, fat and healthy.
I walked out and unceremoniously shut the barn door.

 So how did you come this time?

Oh, by helicopter. 

My friends apparently were not lost and sent one out to find us he laughed.
By then we were almost 1/2 way up Bear Mountain where we set up our camp.
 Well they rustled us in and strapped Chou Chou underneath and we flew home. 

We had the wedding the next day. Luke went on his honeymoon and I had to rush to my scientific expedition to Alaska, which I couldn't miss. 
My parents watched Chou Chou and became very fond of her. 
Now I am back and decided I had better return her to you. 
As they say better late than never. 
I can't thank you enough for all your help. 

We walked slow to the cabin and inside, just like last time there
 was coffee and a casserole on the table.

 I took the liberty to make something since you were not home.
 I fed the horse, cows and chickens and I see you have a few bunnies as well. 

 Yes, they are new additions, gifts.

Well then, I guess you are all set.
We sat and ate slowly.

Guess it's time for me to go. 
Once again thank you for your hospitality. 

James shook my hand.His fingers were long and gentle .
His face looked cool, tanned as he looked out from behind his
curly locks of wind swept black hair
Must be he spent a lot of time outside.

May I ask what a girl like you is doing all by herself in the wilderness? 

 Well I guess I am here for what most people go out into the wilderness for.
 Peace....nature religion. I like it here.
 Basically I find people ... are hard to live with.

 Have you been following the news? 
This guy Lunney is leaving the Tory Party because he feels his faith is attacked. 
He should have been shown respect and given an opportunity to talk. -- 

Religion is not for everyone.
 One has to understand philosophy science and to believe something on 
faith to be true without proof. 
Today many do not understand anything except sex and drugs.

 Oh Well That's not fair. James interjected. 

Well, Judge for yourself. 
Today, people put value in what is owed them instead of what they can
 do to be good and generous with their time and money and learning because it 
is the right thing to do. 
We would need no laws if man behaved properly. 
 Just think of all the lawyers and judges who would be out of business today. 

 We need open discussion which is what law is all about. 

 I know but what kind of discussion can we have if every one in government consists of the same people and have no faith? 
What kind of leaders do they make if we elect criminals and 
addicts and sexual deviants,
 in the closet of course, to make our laws?

 People are not soulful anymore.
People are not humble to understand that nothing is owed to them and 
tomorrow each and every one of them could be bullied into understanding
 that nothing they say or do has any meaning. 
They are paid to spew hot air and waste tax payers money and this 
could end at any time.
They can laugh today and live homeless tomorrow.No one is immune. 

 That's right so we need society and laws. 

 I smiled.

 People put more value in man made laws rather than into justice and
 in doing the right thing. How can anyone put trust in any politician to
 talk for the community he represents, if he is not allowed to speak for
it or to it. Remember ... separation of Church and State?

 Ya but we need that. 

 Why, so other people except Christians, use it? 
 The Christian religion is an enlightened religion. 
This does not mean it is perfect because it is run by men who struggle every day 
debating in what is good and right. People believe in God, for the goodness he
 represents and for the spiritual food he feeds to replenish souls, to give them 
hope in the future of mankind.. 

So do laws, courts and the justice system.

 Politicians, judges, lawyers, kill hope every day in this world by fighting to
win cases which are wrong for what man's physical body and mind was
 not designed for and when they win, they feed cruelty and damage innocent 
souls just by being exposed to them. 

Take for example what we believe in today. 
A person led every one to believe sex is the most important thing to man . 
He said it without a shred of truth in what he said and people jumped to believe him.
 Why not? What is the purpose they all liked that reasoning?
It's no different than what Muslims are led to believe when they suicide bomb.

 The truth is, that Life is more important followed by love . 
Without life and love, there can be no sex. 
A person would not survive to maturity to have it. 

Today we hear excuses: "It was only sex."
People demean their bodies and souls every day when they live this way and
 think it is acceptable because the law says it's ok.but then society is left to 
carry the burden of this behavior and one day it will be intolerable and unaffordable
 and then every one will fall into disgrace and misery and fight wars as an excuse 
to kill if disease doesn't, which is what was being done throughout time to
 curb population growth. 

 So I take it you are Conservative James kidded.

 I guess I am. I don't much value grouping though.

 The law and science can say many things but it doesn't mean it is right or true. 
We find proof of these things every day in science that nothing is,as we say it is. 

We call a supreme being "divine" because of the limitless knowledge and experience 
that comes with being divine. No man or prophet on this earth compares or has
 a right to speak in its' name, except to do good because God is a creator.

This we can conclude ourselves because we see man,
 is not a very good animal for this planet.
 We should all be dead.

 But we're not so we must be doing something right. 

 True, but we are always fighting, when we don't have to.
 Man is limited but he can be divine through the spirit which never dies.
 Man also consists of positive and negative energy and positive energy
 deals with the light. It does not hide behind veils, shadows and darkness
 where bad things happen and still do under other religions and between people.

 Everything that may have been created does not mean it evolved here on this
 planet, inclusive of man. We have no absolute proof of anything,only studies. 

 Well we have some proof. 

 No, we don't. We believe we have proof, just as people believe there is a 
God. Science is not any better than faith in what we do not see.
Science is limited , as man is limited and it does not see as a divine God sees.
We are all running in circles instead of walking 
the straight line of truth.
We would have a cure for cancer but we don't after how many years of study? 
We would not have cancers, if we lived right.

We threw away the 10 Commandments and put in Human Rights and what happened?
 Under Human Rights, inhuman acts are defended and protected and 
let free to do more damage. 

 Today, people cry asking why Lufthansa allowed a crazy person to fly a plane? 
Well, under Human Rights, they cannot stop a crazy person from flying 
a plane full of people.
 People have rights to be crazy and free and employed.
The definition of "crazy" has been lifted out of psychiatry because every one
 is crazy. The craziest of all are these psychiatrists. 
I laughed. 

Guantanamo Bay kept criminal, fanatical men and then set them free as well to do more harm. 

Apparently they were not guilty. 

 No? Then why the sudden turmoil and killing that began right after they were all let go?

 What makes a person Human if not the soul which separates us from animals?
 Even animals today have more soul than some people do. 

An animal would not scorn God in government especially when God is the ultimate truth.
 So why does man?
 Does he know everything?
Man has a false sense of security . He has a false sense  of entitlement. He has a false sense of control. 
Man has nothing except the ability to think his way through some effects, which he is alone responsible for causing. 
So he creates false images, design, laws ... to hide his ineffectiveness and 
The truth however doesn't change. It stands there barefaced and raw looking at him.
So man turns his head not to look at truth and when he does this, he loses himself and his soul.

Look at this other case where Jean Wabafiyebazu was killed after the guys  drove their mother's BMW — with diplomatic plates — to the scene of the crime. Marc, his brother, waited outside when  gunfire broke out inside the  apartment complex.  Roxanne Dube, their mother, served as ambassador to Zimbabwe from 2005 to 2008 and began her Miami posting as Canada's consul general only six weeks ago. 
The story goes this guy, Anthony Rodriguez, brought two pounds of marijuana to the house and tried to sell it. So now two people are dead and Marc also faces charges of threatening a police officer saying he would shoot a detective in the head. 
Some nice kid from a good family eh?

Now in Montreal, 500 Asian women smuggled in for a prostitution ring.
 The RCMP broke two cells arresting 6 people. The papers are full of such interesting news.

Ya but they caught them didn't they?

Sure. They caught them but things like this should not happen if mankind was taught about Life
and Love more than they are taught about sex and other things in the distorted way they teach today.
You know , schools don't tell the parents what kids do today? 
Parents have become the bad guys instead of the role models and leaders kids could trust and love.

 All I am saying is that if God spoke for mankind, as we speak for animals who cannot represent themselves on this planet, we would not exist today. 
We need to thank God for allowing us time to learn, but it won't be for ever. 
Now do you understand why I like it here? 

James smiled.
I can see that you are a lovely person and that it is very pretty out here.
 So unless you want me to spend the night, I better hurry before it gets very dark. 
I'd like to come back and continue this conversation later if you don't mind.
I smiled back.
 Thanks again. and off he went.

 I stood there like a straight board, stupified at what just happened.
Imagine bringing a cow in by helicopter and a big helicopter at that and he was flying it.
 Within seconds it was gone.
 I unpacked the groceries blubbering to myself at what an idiot I was disclosing so much about myself.and went to my secret room.

Mother hen to rooster. Mother hen to rooster.

 Ya.  Hi Henny Penny. What up? 

I got my cow back Bob. She flew in by copter. They took her out by copter too.


 Ya they had a camp up on Bear Mountain and everything is ok.

Tell you all about it next time I see you.

 Ok Glad to hear you got your cow back. Don't be a stranger, be safe and keep in touch.
 Rooster out.
 I locked up and headed straight for bed.
Needless to say, my dreams were full of the handsome James French and his must be full of
Loony Eleanor.

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