Saturday, April 25, 2015

Tell Me A Story

Stories were always my favorite things since I loved books
and ravenously read so many of them.
If I didn't have a good book to read my kids, I would make up a story.
Sometimes I wish I taped my stories cause when my kids would ask to
tell it to them again, I never could.
We'd lie late into the night, me talking and expressing every detail,
 with my eyes , voice, mouth,and hand motions, watching my kids listening with
 huge eyes and  smile.
Sometimes a little hand would stretch up and stroke my face and eye brows
and I'd think:
 Nope. They are not sleepy yet. lol
 Sometimes they'd laugh and laugh and laugh.
Little children laughing, is music to the ears.

Sometimes I talked and talked until I felt sleepy and my eyes would close.
 I'd drift off into the story, while my kids would still be listening for more and
more and more.

These are times I cherished most of all with my kids.
Stories, pictures, the turning of each page with so much anticipation.
The kids would absorb and relish every word.
I wouldn't change those days for all the money in China, as they say. lol

I was looking through this Little Golden Book Thumbelina and all those days
came flooding back to me .

Yes. Things have advanced a lot for children today.
 They make movies and cartoons even parents love watching but I will never change the days
when parents could bond with their kids the way we did.
It made for closeness where age never mattered.

Grand parents continued stories with their grand children.
Parents died at home with their kids and not many were sent away to old folks homes.
Today, we have a throw away society where nothing and no one is valued.
Prices go sky high taking care of people who just need a good meal and a warm bed.

I took care of my Grand mother and Mother and people would raise their eye brows, as if
I was doing something unheard of.
I would raise mine thinking.... you mean you wouldnt?
How is that possible?
I guess when you lose faith, you lose many other things.
 They are just not that important anymore.

You live and then you die once the purpose for your life is over.
You get to wonder why young people would want children, if everything is just going to be
a mechanical thing one has to do?
Why would any one want to marry or stick around to watch kids grow?
Today they make jokes about 10 year relationships which means the thoughts are already there.
Love plays no part as people decide they live how they feel and only how they feel matters.
They joke but the jokes are not funny anymore.

Life has debased so much that they put on the internet stuff like:
" Anna Kendrick wants more nudity on Game of Thrones."
Ah.... Why? Why is this important for people to know?

Then I think, well I was blessed in so many ways and there is nothing much any one can do
if the future is run on technology, while still expecting humanity.
Humanity will also decline,
as people become the machines they make.

Now that's a book. lol

Have a good one.


Betsy Brock said...

I love Little Golden Books and have a few that I had as a little girl. I've never seen this one's beautiful!

A Lady's Life said...

Betsy I still love childrens stories.
back then Walt Disney opened up a lot of dreams for kids through them.

I asked my Dad to go to Disney land and he said what will you do with your husband then if I show you everything?
Well, we went to Disney land and took him with us. lol
He was like a kid loving every minute.

Anji said...

I loved reading to my children. They used to get me to read in French too, which made us all laugh. I remember friends having their Grandmothers living with them.

I think that time is an important gift to give to loved ones

A Lady's Life said...

it sure is anji
Even as a Mother there are not enough hours in a day.