Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Only Love.

.....After a few moments we came back to  our senses.

James filled a plate with fish and tomatoes with onions
topped with olive oil and lemon.

The Jews are still waiting for their Messiah aren't they?

Yes, of course but they are united where it comes to Sarah and Isaac
and where it went from there.

Ishmael was not really rejected by the Jews either. They did not cut strings
altogether and so this melodrama with Israel is ridiculous.
How does a Father totally reject a child?
We are all the same people just choosing different means to believe
in the same thing.
I guess the question will always be what is more powerful?
Muhammad, a prophet, ruling through fear  control and power?
Jesus, as son of God, ruling as a triad, through love?
Jews waiting for God to come to them as a chosen people?
Or the mob who believes in nothing?

That does cause a heck of a problem doesn't it?
This is basically the problem with this world.

Is it?
Isn't it like everything else in life?
It's like God gave us things to think about to keep our minds busy but
it's all irrelevant.

In paradise Adam and Eve had the snake teaching them.
They lost a great deal because of it. On earth we have advertising.
People believe in the advertisment and once they get enough people
they turn the tables on them and collect.

They may have lost things but they also gained freedom and the right to choose,
and choosing what to choose is where it's at today.

People try to show independence but all they do is join another power group.
You can't live in a society unless you are a part of some power group.
I guess God wants us to really choose which way we want to go.
He wants us to know ourselves.
 Not that it matters or maybe it does to him.

Do we want Purgatory? Hell or Heaven?
People who believe in nothing will just end up with nothing.
No souls to talk about.
But the souls we are fighting about have to deal with a triad.
Heaven is Jesus, in the middle of the two.

So how do you think it will all end?

Well I dont know.
As a people and as a world, we would have to unite through either love or hate.
or live in purgatory fighting and debating.
Might be in the end God will say ok.
Who believes in the prophet Muhammad, step to this side.
Remember, Muhammad is just a man. Just like the snake, is just a snake.
Nothing Godly there.
Then Jesus is the son of God ruling through love.
He travels between the worlds we know.
Who wants to go there, steps there.

The Jews might have to make up their minds which side of Abrahams' family
they want to live with.
Do they believe in the Messiah of fear and control or do they believe in a Messiah
of love.
I guess we have to know ourselves to know what true love is.
Then there is the mob, the saddest group of all.
They basically fly with the wind.

 Signifying that we are a creation of progress, intelligence and understanding,
create ripples that do change the future to be what it could or will be.
Judgement can be set upon us not for our petty sins, which we are not capable of knowing, understanding or controlling,since we do not learn, but on who we truly are as a species.

There in we see ourselves as a people, who are not the same and not equal
as the US Constitution says.
 We are different and our brain intellect is different, consisting of 4 groups.

So then I don't know where he will send us or what will become of us.
 We truly will be at Loves' mercy.

Gosh. You do think deep don't you?
 Why not live simply and let the chips fall where they may? 

Well, I can't see myself living any simpler than this. I laughed.
I am not looking for a Messiah. I think Jesus taught the right things to/for people,
and I think people all want the same things. They want love and to be free to choose.
 They don't want fear or to hate or be controlled.

But those who don't learn will continue to fight for those things.
Things like Power, greed, selfishness drugs sex...
The more things debase a person, the more they like it.
It's like good ness is a disease to them and yet they all have it in them.

So what will you do if you are attacked? Give up?

No. I will fight and probably kill to survive or die, but I won't hate.
You can't hate people who don't understand what they are doing.
How can one be guilty if one doesn't know ones' sins?
Like in Ovid's Metamorphoses play Dionysus was a wine god
who made mortals see things that really were not there .
He made one of his unbelievers be torn apart by his own mother.
Limited minds, make wrong decisions.
See ... the chips are in the air. We are not alone. lol

Life is not about sticks and stones, laws and taxes.
Life is about love.Man creates the rest
Living alone, one sees things better than living in a group
where one is told what to think, believe and agree to.

But if God is one, so is truth but to beget truth, is another matter.
People are not trained to do this.
 It takes a lifetime of study and still.....

So you are saying people don't know how to think?

People know how to think. They just don't know how to see through
all the ruble, the paradigms we have to live in.
They don't know how to apply the thinking process.
They are limited in things they can do.Drugs don't help either.
They clog the mind like booze or worse.

Man is limited but the limits he has are man limits, not Gods'.
The words we speak. The laws we make.
The people who preach  and govern  us every day.
These limits bind us and we will never be free of them unless
we are given this  freedom to be limitless and eternal and conscious..
No one can promise us this, except God

So we have to come to a conclusion, as to what God wants of us
as a human race.
Do we want to be with him or take our chances by ourselves and end up
fighting and killing and doing all this for nothing but a puff of smoke.

We worry about our souls but if the soul is destroyed,
 then there is nothing.

So now we think what if there is no God? What if there is no soul?
Then we owe no one anything. We live and we die . So what's the harm?
I guess some of the worst criminals we have, feel this way.

 We exist like the rocks and soil and have nothing to believe or think about.
Our world becomes a virtual world where we can do what we want,
feel no pain or suffering and just pretend.

Then we ask what if God has limits?
Then we think, he probably does.
He self limits because he understands and man does not,
that freedom is the ability to say no.
 Freedom does not exist by itself.
 Neither does fear, control, power. They all relate to something or someone.
Only love can stand alone and relate to nothing in particular
 and since GOD IS is everything whether we are conscious of it or not.
Love is what God speaks in all creation whether it is seen or acknowledged or not.

The fact we are conscious of being and existing is a miracle in itself and this consciousness
lives in the soul. where we find ourselves.
We however do not belong to ourselves  but to love and love stands alone, as God, as one.

 It is hard to understand isn't it?

I could see James' eyes trying to have all this sink in.

Is it a wonder no one tries?
Easier to smoke a joint, drink some whisky and find a place to hide, to get away.
But I guess no matter what you do, raw truth stands there, like you said.

Yup. We exist only as a conscious entity and it is up to us to decide what we want.
Do we want Love? But it's not really a choice, is it?
Being part of the BIG 1 , we are all LOVE.

God always wins in the end even if we think he loses.
This makes watching movies on dark, evil entities boring and untruthful.
  Jesus was sent to explain it to us.
If we are  all 1 , then what is the point of getting offended or upset
 about what people do or say?It's like getting mad at yourself. lol

We have a time and a place to learn and experience so we can make the right decisions for the right reasons. Unfortunately many choose to govern, saying these words have no meaning and fool everyone else, to go further away from the truth but it still sits there as we tangle and mangle life
till it becomes meaningless. They mangle love, turning it into sin.
Love is not a sin. People interpret it sinfully as it was explained to them by other men and then it is used to wage wars in all levels of society and nations.
Interesting isn't it?

Stories. History. Life.
It all gives you a head ache.No one teaches people how to reach into the paradigm of the wicked mind, to show it that it doesn't need to do the things it does.

We continued with the morning sun, preparing for our day.
James had to leave and I had my children to care for.
My head felt heavy.
I waved good bye as he boarded his copter.


Rick Watson said...

The wicked mind is a mystery.

A Lady's Life said...

yes rick it is because they have a good reason for being this way.
In another time, it would be acceptable.