Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Horse! A Horse! A Kingdom for a Horse!

Here come the clowns.

 Beau and I had the best clown entertainment every
 summer and fall week end. Tourists came in from
cities to small towns such as what we had here up north.

Community Fairs made money staging horse and cowboy shows,
old gift shop saloons, crafts sold by the local people such as myself.
Then of course there was tons of food to be had,
fishing from small swimming pools for the kids,
 Ball games, country dances and old parlor music.
Petting stalls were put in for the small folk and an
amusement center with cotton candy and pop corn.
The teens had the outdoor movies to watch from their cars then of course
we always had bands come in for the big long week ends.

People had a hootin good time while filling the hotels
 with lots of loot to survive the winter.
 I would make posters to invite them in for the horse performance
 and Beau would do his best to annoy me while
 every one else giggled and laughed to no end.


We always had a ball Beau and I.
Then he would show his prowess at dangling me upside down,
 imitating me walking like a soldier and then sitting and pretending
he was an angel when I'd look.He'd turn my umbrella inside out when
 I pretended to hide under it from the rain so I'd get wet.
 In the end he would bow down and sit and thank the audience by
waving his hoof, with a toothy smile, to tell them to come again.
He pretended to fart when we would bow, bum to bum and then
 show a toothy smile.The public loved it.

They adored him and would always ask to pat him.
 After the show I'd take him to the public and Beau
would have more than his fare share of lovin and ego boosting.
They'd ask how I trained this horse to do the things he does.
I'd answer:

Train? When in doubt, I always let my horse do the thinkin .

These made for great, clean fun  memories and left the public
mesmerized wondering what this horse will think of next.