Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Rotten State of Affairs

The video reflects Lord Mountbatten and his wife Edwina, as a truly loving family couple .
Mountbatten was Prince Charles' mentor . The boy admired him a great deal.
How ever in real life, behind the video, another story lurks. Many stories about the two of them
which the media does not flaunt as they did with Diana Camilla and Charles.
It makes Fergie a saint too and one wonders why Prince Philip doesn't forgive her.
Where would he be today if charity were not bestowed him.

Maybe it's because things are coming back and biting him in the ass lol

The above story also makes one wonder about the death of Diana.

Seems discretion is important,  in order to collect tax money which an enraged public, will be subject not to want to pay.

The more you read about the personal lives of these royals, the less you like, since they do not personify a good example for the people to follow.
The Queen always said this is a business and we have to behave but instead sex seems to sell big time. lol

Prince Charles attributes Royal drinking, taking drugs and cavorting, due to suffering, because the Royals cannot live like normal people.
So maybe, this would be a good time to end all their

Furthermore, what is the excuse for Normal people doing these things?
Can they in turn say: If  it's good for the royals..........
We suffer more.

The above answers some questions people may have about royalty and explains why Prince Charles will be the next King unless he dies before the Queen.

Articles such as the one above, smells of crime in the worst possible sense and leads one to think,
where will it all end? Diana herself had something to say about this and
maybe this is why she was so possessive of her children.
Is it true?

And why did Fergie, after finding out about Dianas' death, cry out....My God, they will kill me too!"
Then she began running around, petrified, like a chicken without a head.
Dianas' death put many heads on the block and it's not all about money either.

In todays' world, with the destruction of the middle class, one has to wonder where all this is really going?
Maybe parliament has to pass more laws restricting who can collect moneys from the crown.
They might not have Scotland anymore in the near future and if Scotland goes then who is next?
This would leave them all wide open for other kind of trouble .

This would also not fare well here in Canada with Quebec sitting on its' haunches.

Always someone ready to rock the boat and destroy something good.

Suffering seems to be what we all live for.
Albeit it with can suffer in style as opposed to the poor people, especially children,
who suffer at the hands of men who call themselves leaders, men of God, and human.



Unknown said...

I've always had my suspicions about Philip, even from the early days before the wedding of Charles and Diana. Body language can speak volumes, if one plugs in well enough. I would not be surprised, if solid proof to truths appeared. Such a crying shame. To an extent... I think the Queen knew of her son's infidelity, as well. Would not surprise me if that is behind her choice of refusing to abdicate. I think she has every intention of doing all of what she CAN do, to make sure Charles spends as little time on the throne, as she can make possible. ;)

A Lady's Life said...

Teresa I agree.Where there is smoke,
there is fire as they say lol
When it gets into pedophilia however, this really makes my hair stand up on end.