Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Little String Enchantment.

Bjorn Stabi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jow38QnuLQE

How nice it is to have a musical family who can get together and share
a few notes here and there.
Sweden has many folk lore around the fiddle.


One such story is about a Nacken who lives by water and enchants people to come there, to then drown. He usually walks naked playing his fiddle , enticing people also to learn.
 They of course get lost in the music and cannot not stop playing until the strings broke.
Nacken looks like a forlorn tortured soul with long brown hair full of sea grass.
Sometimes he turns into a white horse so children ride him to their death.

The story was probably told to children to keep them away from the water.

The fiddle can be made to sing straight to and from the heart and this is probably
why tortured souls play it and why it touches anyone one who hears
the notes coming out of it.

But there is more to Swedens' enchantments than just stories. Sweden has it.s own back yard play ground in Jokkmokk

Jokkmokk is an out doorsmans' paradise.

Not to mention the view, the wilderness, Jokkmokk  has dog sledding snow mobiling hunting fishing hiking camping skiing canoeing rafting..reindeer sledding and especially horses.

You name it. Sweden has it, along with warm smiles and a crackling fire.

The oudoor public market  has interesting things to buy.
 Many furs food teepees wooden boats   etc.. People peruse dressed in warm clothing, from head to toe, in fresh white snow.
It is interesting to see sled shopping carts.
Truly everything for the young at heart, can be found in Sweden.
Today I wanted to find out why many people use donkeys instead of horses.
Well donkeys are stronger.
Donkeys can nibble on anything and don't require grazing land.
Donkeys don't spook as fast and when they do they don't run far because they want to know what spooked them.
Donkeys also are their own people. lol You have to get them to trust you with their lives.
I also wanted to know if  bucking horses was bad for the horse at rodeos.
The answer I got was interesting.
First of all, they use mostly female horses and a few geldings, which were bred to buck. They are not tamed much so it is not any more dangerous or abusive for the horse to buck than when people try to break a horse into a suitable  riding horse.
They work 15 minutes a year and the rest of the year they roam the fields enjoying their lives.


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