Monday, September 22, 2014

Borges Denmark

Some jokes and lovely piano by Victor Borge.
According to some comments made on this blog
the Danish language has many dialects.
I had no idea.

Kinda puts a damper on a one language kinda
country or say Province like Quebec, in Canada,
full of ethnic people, with not only different dialects of French but also
different cultures and languages.

I don't think the Quebec separatists learned much
from the recent Scottish referendum but not to worry. They will be in Spain next
and then probably Italy, before they get to France and all their little
 They might learn something big time there.

Ahh General Charles de Gaulle.
Wish he could feel his words biting him in the ass today.
Some call him the saviour of France and we call him a shit disturber.

One lady I met in the US, who had a very good job in international sales,
said she wished that the US had many languages instead of one unifying language.

My eyes grew big in amazement .
 Not much patriotism coming out of that mouth.
 I couldn't help but say hmm Yes.
Imagine how many languages you would have to
learn to sell one item. How many different contracts you would
 have to carry in your briefcase for people to understand
 before they buy anything

By the time you are through all the aggravation of making yourself understood,
 lost time and  translation costs, it would probably cut into the
  commission sales, which might lose you the nice company
 car you are driving, which then of course, you would blame on
woman discrimination 

So many companies were forced to close down in Canada,
 as a result of ungrateful, ignorant employees such as this woman,
who didn't know a good thing when they had it.
I was so tempted to be rude and tell her if you don't like it, move on over
cause there are plenty who would.
Good jobs are hard to find. She didn't mention the company stocks
every employee made a fortune on.

And here in little Denmark, the main language is Danish
followed by German, Faroese and Greenlandic .
So I learned something new today.
This old gentleman is so much fun to watch.
 Had to include his last interview.


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