Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Do We Forget?

No, I haven't forgotten a thing I would've never thought we'd meet again
Chance is strange, it causes things
And fate that's always in a hurry, a moment takes a pause
No, I haven't forgotten a thing.
I can't help smiling, only by looking at you.
If the months, the years often leave their mark on beings,
You, you haven't changed at all, only your hairstyle maybe.
No, I haven't forgotten a thing.
Married? Me? Come on, I have no such desire
I love my freedom, and then, between you and me
I haven't met the woman of my life
But let's go for a drink, and let's talk about you.
What have you been up to? Are you rich and content?
You live alone in Paris? And that marriage..
Between us, your parents must've died of fury.
No, I haven't forgotten a thing.
Who could've told me that one day, with no interference,
Fate would bring us suddenly face to face?
I thought everything dies along with the time that passes
No, I haven't forgotten a thing.
I don't really know what to say, nor where to start
Memories abound, invade my mind
My past is coming back from the bottom of it's defeat
No, I haven't forgotten a thing.
At the age when I was wearing my heart on my sleeve,
Your father, having different ambitions for you,
Broke our love, made our tears gush out
For a groom chosen by his standards
I wanted to see you again but you were cloistered
I wrote to you hundreds of times, but always to no reply
It took me long before I gave up
No, I haven't forgotten a thing.
Time flies and the caffe is soon closing
Come, I'll walk you through the dead streets
Like in the times of kisses stolen in your doorway
No, I haven't forgotten a thing.
Every season was our love season
And we were not afraid of winter, nor of autumn
It's always spring when we reminisce our twenties
No, I haven't forgotten a thing.
It was good to feel again your presence
I feel differently, a bit lighter
One often needs a dive into adolescence
It's gentle coming back to the sources of the past
I would want, if you do too, without feeling forced,
To see you again, well, if it's possible.
If you feel like it and you're available
If you haven't forgotten a thing
Like me, who hasn't forgotten a thing.

Taken from http://lyricstranslate.com/en/non-je-nai-rien-oubli%C3%A9-no-i-havent-forgotten-thing.html#ixzz3Db9uXgTX

The gals have all missed out. George Cloony, my aunts' secret love,
  finally caved in and got himself hitched.
Maybe now he can live a normal family life.
These actors think they can change things but in reality the world runs and is controlled
by more than glamor and movies.
We watched Zoomer  on extremism and it is quite clear that politics and religion have every one confused.
Conrad Black just sat and smiled while they tried to make out on video, that Christianity also pushes  extremism. Media is quite good at distorting facts for brownie points.
Thank God one sensible woman sat there and said Yes, the Christian fight is for the gospels which preach love.and humanity.It has good will and hurts no one.

I think when push comes to shove there really are only two true religions in the world.
One has to do with the Jews who are waiting for their messiah and the other is Christianity which has theirs.
Most others practice idolatry, pray to other prophets, that are messengers and no one knows who sends them these messages. They are forced to punish those who don't want to abide by their rules or lose them.
 Once you let in the spirit world, no one knows who gets called in.
Today Madonna can make up her own so called "religion" and people will follow her but hers would not be a true religion either.
As I said before, atheism can be a religion as can Faschism, Communism,
 Liberalism...........if it can get enough to follow it but none would be true religions.
In Islam we see so many people brainwashed into believing they have to pray all day.
Here in Canada, converts to Christianity sit in their misery, looking for something to help them out of it. Misery sits in good company but if you sit and create and work at something, like a gardener in his garden, the results could be quite rewarding in more ways than one.
People sit and argue but no one understands what it is God wants.
We sit all separated with our wants and desires not realizing we all want the same things. lol
We fight cause some people have them and others don't but it's not because they can't have them.
Every one can have everything if they wanted to.
Do we forget? or Do we remember the wrong things?
Well enough said.
Have a good one.


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