Monday, September 22, 2014

Chains and Dust

This is an old one but it rings so true as you grow and age and understand more about life.
You see so many people making the same mistakes .
This is how people are controlled by those who expect them to make the same mistakes.
This is why the more things change , the more they stay the same.

Take for example youth.
This is the best time in your life and it slips away quite fast.

Parents always try to tell kids slow down. The kids are the same every decade.
They are young, full of life and energy and they want to run.
Like every professional horse racer or trainer knows, a winning horse has to know when to run and when to be reined in.
 If the horse doesn't learn, it loses the race.
It takes a long time to train a winning horse.

The old adage goes : Learn to take care of yourself before taking the job of taking care of others.
Nothing comes for free in life and red flags have to go up if they do.

Youth is free and parents love to see this and try to keep burdens off their backs because they know what that is like.
But instead, the more they try to unburden the kid, the more he is admired by those who want to see him in chains.
Simply put, they want what he has.
Freedom. So they latch on. lol

They help, through "love and kindness" using even God, to chain and bind the horse till the horse is broken and unattractive .
 What happens when the horse is no good anymore?
It gets shot. The same goes for gray hounds and every free spirit that is beautiful to watch.
It becomes dust in the wind and no one cares.
They just get another horse or another dog.

Every generation of parents try to teach the kids to stay free and unchained as long as they can.
Don't play dangerous games that keep you mentally disturbed or maybe even killed.
Don't look for things where bills have to be paid and credit cards used.
Don't rush to pay rent and food and diapers because it gets worse and  in the end, no one cares and you become dust in the wind.

You only learn this when you lived a life, because no one taught you either.
Parents are not all professional trainers.
Schools are even worse because teachers are told what to teach.
There is no such thing as "free " or "gifts"out there in the world but you can find shelter from the storm under neath a parents wings. They hide you from pedators.
Music, especially todays, teach even worse things because lyrics are written by morons who become rich doing it. They feed off of inexperience.
They feed off arrogance and hate, which they slip as hidden messages in their music.
They feed off  destruction of common sense.
The writers of these lyrics heal themselves. They climb out of their hell hole by pulling every one else in.

If one notices in life, kids who can't function in school , can't function at home.
If they can't function at home, they will not be able to function out in the world either.
They quickly become pawns in someone elses' game.

So what's the rush?




Gattina said...

The trouble is youth doesn't want to hear from your experiences. They know everything better. Just as I did when I was young, lol !

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina I don't know. I loved to listen to peoples experiences, especially from the old people cause they had so much to tell and I learned so much from them.
As for the ones who don't care well they learn nothing and then when the shit hits the fan guess who has to get them out of it?
I think this is why parents today throw the kids out of the house at 18.They are just not good kids anymore.