Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Prince Albert A Queens Love

Not much is heard about Prince Albert, Queen Victoria's Husband.
He did so much for England and was a brilliant man.
He died young but left behind him a rich legacy.

Lately I am reading a lot about royals
and the more I read the less I like to read lol

You like to see tradition and heritage upheld somewhere
and the Royals are there to set an example for people to follow.
They after all are, the chosen people and carry a special place in
nations and in  history.
Many of the examples they show people, thanks to the media, how ever,
 are shameful.
I guess all the inbreeding finally catches up and this
makes it very dangerous.

I think the only saint amongst them is the Queen.

They try to make Charles out to be a good guy lately
but even his Father says that the man starts many things
  but never finishes what he starts.

He took a wife, got what he wanted and then let her go
to fend for herself, knowing full well that she would not be able to.
In the eyes of the world, he'd be sitting on the throne a blubbering fool.

Charles was older and more educated and trained enough to know
that married men do not give gifts to other married women.
They get what they need in terms of support, from the immediate
family. He needed to show the wife, the respect she deserved.
While married, he let Diana carry the burden of royal duties
while he galavanted with his married mistress.
 This left Diana to implore to the nation not to forget her and her children.

She knew she would never be Queen but she could be the Queen of peoples' hearts.
She was a true royal and finished what she started.

To have the C. C.'s, now replace the Queen, after the she reposes
 is just a total disgrace to England.

Today the Queen probably blames Mountbatten and her husband
for teaching Charles the wrong values in life but it was her duty
 to see to it they did not do this. She was a Mother, as well as the Queen.

 Some things are hard even for a Queen to do.

Fergie got lucky cause her husband finally realized that he needs to stand by
the things that he started.
Makes him a lot more kingly. lol

Well William and Kate and little George are a whole new story and if they
get corrupted by the likes of Camilla and Charles..... well this would
not be a good thing.

They should not put another English Rose, into the hands of the evil



Gattina said...

I think you are totally wrong here, lol ! Prince Albert is present all over the UK as a statue and very well appreciated. He also was the one who introduced a Christmas tree to the UK amongst other things he did for the poors and the children !
The Queen had never been a mother, she even admits it. She loves her dogs ! Her children were brought up by various nannies and then in boarding schools. No wonder that they are all a little "strange" and all divorced except the youngest one, Edward. BTW Kate is expecting her second child !

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina I agree.He was a brilliant man.
I only mention him as a result of my reading about Queen Victoria.
Internationally you only know him as Queen Victorias' beloved.
Just like Prince Philip is known as the man with a sharp tongue who protects his wife.
Not much else You have to dig for the info.Seems he is not such a prize either as he was raised alone as well with no parents.
Good thing they have Kate and William.