Saturday, September 13, 2014

Follow the Money

Well this was a video which made a lot of sense of things.
It is nothing new but I like the way it puts it all together.

I have always said that it is never good to buy into things.
Credit cards, mortgages, stock market, etc...
Don't buy foreclosed homes.
Don't say yes to taxes.
Don't buy cars without frames.
 Don't let unions force you to do what you don't agree with.
Make sure the food that has seeds in it, continues to have seeds.
 Hey, make your own gas and alcohol and engines.
Supply your own water and sun and wind energy.
Grow your own food. Keep meat vegetables local.
Keep local small farming alive
Stock your lakes and rivers with your own fish.
Small communities are better than large communities.
Don't fall into communism or any other ism cause
they are not perfect systems.

Always good to stay independent and in control of what you can,
in your life. This is what North America is all about
Freedom to do your own thing.
The old people understood this.
American Indians understand this.

I learned this from books I read in the past.
In those days the scariest was the story about how mental patients were mistreated
in institutions and how a respected psychiatrist in Montreal,
 used patients as guinea pigs for the US military.
He destroyed people and was no different from Hitler.
 He betrayed the trust.

Today I dislike hospitals because they take advantage of your problems.
I dislike pills. I dislike drugs and fight to see that no one takes them.
This is very hard to do as people don't seem to understand.

 They take for granted the freedoms they have today but destroy
 their childrens' future by not being vigilent.

I dislike them saying that sex is normal and ok outside of marriage.
It's not. Sex is a beautiful thing but it requires the whole 9 yards to be so
or shit happens. Sex is not an outlet. It is there for a purpose.

There is a cure for cancer but they don't want you to have it.
They need people to die and sending people to begin a civilization on Mars,
is another future place to send criminals and obtain free labor to obtain  mineral supplies.
The day will come when anyone who says no, will be seen as a criminal.

Old people especially, require family around them 24 hours a day and even
 then a group comes in at night,
tells you to leave and tortures a living being, to obtain samples they need to study.
They know they won't get a body to dissect,
so they do it while the person is alive.

No one sees the abuse they do from the inside without your permission.

One day the patient is fine and the next, he/she has a "set back"
and they make up reasons as to why.
 But if they know you are onto them and will request an autopsy,
well then things change dramatically.
 They begin to pay attention and the patient recovers and goes home and
 lives another good 10, 15 years.(sometimes).

So this is why I promote the 10 Commandments because it is the truth.
 The rest are stories.
The 10 Commandments  specifically say thou shalt not kill and so only God can decide when he wants to take a person home.
 Doctors, scientists, banks, governments etc.... are not allowed to do this.

The 10 Commandments say thou shalt not steal.
So this includes legal theft as well as illegal theft.
Theft is theft.

The 10 commandments says love one another,
 because then you dont need to steal or kill.

I find the 10 Commandments very useful and truthful for every one to follow in this world.
It clarifies laws we make in life, simplifies them.
They keep you free.

Systems are very dangerous.
Systems become private and secret and the public never knows what goes on in them.
If someone finds out something bad and does not support it,
well he/she conveniently disappears or is destroyed by them.

We say Justice System. Justice is a system.
 Judges sit and see truth but do nothing about it.
So a person who is not guilty, will be guilty via the system.
We have so many civil cases in courts today and the victims never win.
The system protects the criminals and they know it.
They pay the fine and go back to what they do.

This is why Princess Diana and others around her with pertinent info about her death,
 have also died.
The world is about good vs bad.
 It is a fight between the devil and angels.
People have to stay vigilant and always ask, who gains from this?

I encourage every one to watch this video.


George said...

I very much enjoy reading your thoughts. The field in the picture on my blog had been mown for hay a few weeks before our visit to the church. There are quite a few deer in the area as well.

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks George.
It is nice to look at fields like this and when they have deer well it makes it even nicer.