Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Love Is Cruel when Love is Lost

How difficult is it to get the love of a good woman?
How is a good woman to choose?
How is kindness on behalf of a beautiful, good woman, perceived?

Hunch back of Notre Dame de Paris ,was written by Victor Hugo
I love this video.
Esmaralda was a beautiful gypsy street dancer, generous of heart.
All men who saw her fell in love with her.
Quasimodo, a Hunchback bell ringer of Notre Dame, Captain Phoebus , Pierre Gringoire,
a poor street poet and Claude Frollo the Arch Deacon of Notre Dame.
Claude told the hunchback to kidnap her but Phoebus and his guards saved her from him.

Gringoire was about to be hanged but Esmarelda saved him by marrying him.

Quasimodo was to be flogged and he asks for water and Esmarelda gives it to him.
So he falls in love.
Later Esmarelda was framed by Frollo who wanted Phoebus killed.
She was about to be hanged when Quasimodo swings down on the bell rope and swings her up into the sanctuary of the church.

Sanctuary was denied her by the king so Clopin tries to rescue her.

But Quasimodo thought he was trying to hurt her so he gave her to Frollo and Gringoire, who he thought were trying to save her.
When Frollo could not win her heart he gave her to the troops and laughed when she was being hanged.
Quasimodo saw this and threw him off from the roof of Notre Dame, to his death.

Quasimodo then goes to to Gibbet where Esmareldas' body was unceremoniously dumped.
He lays down beside her corpse . He stays there and eventually starves to death.

When her tomb was opened after 18 months they found Quasimodos skeleton embracing hers When they tried to separate them Quasimodos skeleton turns to dust.


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