Friday, September 5, 2014

Conducting Robert Taylor

This was a nice movie:
 The Song of Russia.
It makes me laugh when I see Russian Dancing
and the Ukrainians say it's Ukrainian dancing.
So , which is it? Is one soul different from the other?
Looks all the same to me lol

Of course people were not so free in times of Germany
but after all, this is a love story and entertainment,
so one must not take it so seriously.

Many books have been written about the Russian soul
during the Czars' time.
People were hard working peasants, no different from slaves,
and they were sent to die, fighting against German machine guns,
 with picks and shovels.
In north America we hear a lot about slavery but what we had
on this continent, is nothing compared to the suffering
people went through over seas, which still seems to be going on.
People are war weary which is why it is surprising
NATO still wages wars and countries look to start wars
knowing there is NATO.
Someone is making a killing in arms sales but the poor soldier
goes home a broken individual with nothing to show
for his efforts trying to keep his country free.

Doesn't help when the President lets all the terrorists go.

This is what happens when you split soil into small slices.
It becomes too hard to survive.
Monaco is a perfect example of how a small country lives in
constant fear of her neighbors.
Singapore is another such nation .

Another name for Ukraine is little Russia.
Will be interesting to see what happens there.

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