Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lifes' Pulse

We went to eat at a Spanish restaurant and they had the dancers  with their
famous tap shoes and castonets, dancing to brilliant flamenco guitar music.
 What a beautiful evening it was.

We sat at a beautifully set table with flowers and candles.
My girlfriend had tears in her eyes and I thought that at any minute,
 she would burst out crying.
I never did ask her what she was thinking that evening..
It must have been something very personal and sentimental.

Being a lung cancer survivor might have had something to do with it.
But then she understood the songs they were singing.
The rest of us were just inhaling the spirit and ambiance.

The food was very good as well .
Not as we would know as Mexican  today for the local yokel.
It had a  Mediterranean flavor to it.

Why I remembered it just now I have no idea. lol

Maybe because it would have not taken us much encouragement to
stand up and dance along with them. but there was not that much dancing space.
Classical guitar is beautiful to swoon to, under the moonlight
and maybe a bright hot crackling fire.

Here is Mamae Eu Quero
 I think it's Portuguese but I loved this song growing

 Mommy I want
Mommy I want, mommy I want
mommy I want to suckle!
Give the nipple, give the nipple, give the nipple
give the nipple so the baby won't cry!
Sleep sonny of my heart
take the feeding bottle and come enter my group*
I have a sister, she's called Anna
she's blinking so that she's lost her eyelashes
I look at the little ones, but this way
I'm sorry I'm not suckling
I have a sister, she's phenomenal
she's in bossa and her husband's an imbecile
Have a good one

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