Thursday, September 11, 2014

Albert and Charlene

I love weddings and I am sure Princess Grace would have loved to see this day
come along.
Charlene Wittstock ,of South Africa, agreed to honor the Prince
and became his wife in 2011.
They are now also  expecting their first child.

The Prince has two illegitimate children, one of which was born
just before the wedding it seems.hmmm.

The view in Monaco is beautiful as usual and the people came out in droves to
congratulate the couple.
 Roger Moore, President Sarkozy, the Prince of Piedmont were just a few
who enjoyed the evening fireworks, of what was a very memorable day in Monaco.
Invited were:
  1. Denmark: T.R.H.s Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie.
  2. Sweden: T.M.s King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, T.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, H.R.H. Prince Carl Phillip, and H.R.H. Princess Madeleine
  3. Norway: T.R.H.s Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit
  4. Netherlands: T.R.H.s Prince Willem-Alexander of Orange and Princess Maxima of the Netherlands
  5. United Kingdom: T.R.H.s The Earl and Countess of Wessex (allegedly)
  6. Liechtenstein: H.S.H. Prince Alois and H.R.H. Princess Sophie
  7. Belgium: Their Majesties King Albert and Queen Paola, T.R.H.s Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde, T.R.H.s Prince Laurent and Princess Claire, and H.R.H. Princess Astrid.
  8. France: The Duke and Duchess of Vendôme
  9. Portugal: The Duke and Duchess of Bragança
  10. Italy: The Duke and Duchess of Castro (Bourbon-Two Sicilies)
  11. Other royal and princely houses from Germany.
  12. Serbia: Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia (source)
  13. Romania: Princess Margarita and Prince Radu of Romania (source)
  14. Luxembourg:  Has not officially confirmed, yet.  However, I believe T.R.H.s Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa will attend.
  15. Russia: Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna (source)
  16. Italy: T.R.H.s Prince Emanuele Filiberto and Princess Clotilde of Savoy
  17. Italy: Prince Vittorio Emmanuele  and Marina Doria (Savoy)
Charlene Wittstock is a  former Olympic champion swimmer , and
became Her Serene Highness Princess Charlene of Monaco.

Her wedding dress was designed by Georgio Armani .


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