Thursday, August 12, 2010

A House Full of Stuff.

You cannot put order in another mans house until you put order in your own.

I see my house as unkempt.
It is not a show house.
It is a house where I live and do my things in.
It’s a lived in house.
It has stuff in it, smells and it is full of people who are of different opinions.
It is a house full of sounds.
This is the house I live in.

I go to another mans house.
Its is clean, with a show room appearance.
No one can walk in there with shoes.
The floor is cold.
It is full of laws, discipline , order.
It has no smell, no stuff, no books,no people who dare offer an opinion.
The house is quiet.
This is the other mans house.

If I had a choice between these two houses, I rather live in my noisy pig stye,
than in his clean house of peace.
Because in my house I find joy, creation and freedom,while in his
Sadness and no will to live.
I live in a house with no order.
People visit me there and leave happy.
Why should I want to put order in my house
to live in his house of tyranical peace?

I cannot keep order in your house, if I cannot put order in mine
but if I had a choice between our two houses, I'd rather live in my house than thine.

A Lady's Life.


Amanda said...

Hear hear...I cannot agree more, well said my dear friend. Happy rally x

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Amanda! :)

Ms. Corinn said...

Nice!!! very well written! thanks for sharing...

George said...

What a beautiful sentiment and poem. I think I would prefer your house as well.

Anji said...

I live in clutter too. Every word you wrote is true.