Friday, August 6, 2010

Withstanding Change of Time

The world is change

And we change the world

Nothing ever stays the same

Controversies and debates

Over justice rights and wrongs.

Today it’s blue and tomorrow green

Ideas, like colors, are to blame

They affect our souls our DNA

Until one day, we have to say

Hey! Don’t color my world gray!

Don’t paint my walls black red or brown

And you get, CHILL Man, with a frown.

You don't like it cause you’re gay."

And this, my friend, is the new trend,

To use expressions that mean two things.

Confused, so no one understands.

An internal smile caressed my lips

To hear them argue, as I did.

That this is something that will stay

The black and brown and red paint spray

Well, my world is full of painted flowers

Beiges, pinks and baby blues

My life has been a pretty airy journey

And these colors made my dreams come true

My world is full of love’s desire.

My water clean and pure

Rainbows fill some pretty clear blue skies

And the soil is rich from dew

My world is full of laughter

From a sweet child’s milky breath

As it looks at pretty colors

From crystals, high above its' bed.

The world is change

And we change the world

Ideas, like colors, are to blame

Some things need to stay the same

For life to breed and claim domain.

Those who choose to live in darkness

Will one day wake to a brighter world

They just need to change the colors

In the rooms that they reside.

A Lady's Life

This poem is about how life is like colors. Our moods, personalities and ideas can change . They can be black and stormy, Passionate pink, brown,gray and dull, or bleed red blood, A little more deadly. Many people suffer in winter because of this and we are told to put on bright lighting in the house to cheer up the spirit.


Gattina said...

Nice poeme, but I love red and I have some walls painted in red ;) !

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina - I know.I just put it in for the poem.The French people in Quebec love red but its not the same red I had in mind for the poem.I also love red. We painted my Moms house and rented it before selling since we live far away and the new people came and painted the whole house chocolate brown.
When we saw it, it was so ugly looking, depressing and dark and made everything look small . When I saw it I got upset because to repaint it over dark paint would be very hard.The people were not that nice either and made a lot of damage.