Thursday, August 5, 2010



I fear death but death does not fear me

I shed blood and blood was shed of me

I fear God and bow my head in shame, for

I feel no sympathy, in his silent gaze

The heavy burden in my heart

Fights for peace and freedom,

In this, my heart’s devout

I can’t free my soul knowing it’s on fire, so

I hold it hostage saying God’s quagmire

If all men stood up in their domain

And shot a bullet into each others’ flame

Till no one’s left to speak of these horrendous acts

God and Justice will be left to blame.

For man is hell and hell is found in man

Man finds no peace in his demands

There is no freedom when there are needs

To eat, find shelter and pay bills.

To stand guard over one and all

Means sleepless nights to fight the rogue

There is no peace in spoken words

And there’ll be no words in God’s house of repose.

And since we fear to set our spirit free

In hell we’ll live

Where there is no such thing, as Liberty.

We'll still dream of a Higher Kingdoms’ open doors

To accept us as we are, in human form.

To forgive us all our stupid ways

And our means to get there, in soldier arrays.

A Lady's Life


Maude Lynn said...

Well done!

A Lady's Life said...

Mama Zen - I am in a poetic mood lol
Oh well have to draw paintings to the words. Have plenty on my plate lol

Jingle said...

beautiful post.

Jingle said...

two awards.

A Lady's Life said...

thanks jingle