Thursday, March 5, 2015

finer things

Picture by Marco Muller
The Finer Things.

 In the stillness of the forest
 A warbler chirps a song of spring
He sings: "Wake Up! For dawn is rising!
Don't miss out, on the finer things!"

 You'll miss the sunrise over hill tops.
You'll miss the fish jump in the pond.
You'll miss all the woodland children,
 Peeking out of nests so worn.

You'll miss all the gentle breezes .
You'll miss the kiss of soft wet dew.
 But most of all, you'll miss me darling.
A Love so bright, when it shines on you.

 In the stillness of the forest,
 A warbler sings to greet the light.
 A morning brighter than the moonlight.
 A morning warmer, than the mist of night.
A Lady's Life 2015 03 04


George said...

I really like your poem about the dinner things in life. You did a wonderful job of capturing some great truths.

A Lady's Life said...

thanks george