Friday, March 27, 2015

Story time

< Woke up to another day, still in the barn.
Never  made it to the house.
I realize that this was some kind of tired last night
 that over took me but I was in no hurry to leave anyway
knowing there was a cougar prowling around.
I slept well. Could have knocked me over the head
and I would not have known.

 Outside the chickadees were having a field day chirping
Yawning, I stretched my hand out to feel a big soft nose.
Beau was standing over me checking me out.

It's nice waking up like this with you boy at my side.
Hello Beau Beau. How you feelin?

I smiled and stood up brushing myself off.
My legs felt like shit.

I opened the doors to the coral and let out my children.
Then came the hayin and the barn cleaning and the waterin, the hoof cleanin.
chickens were let out to strut in the hen house and fed, eggs collected.
As I finally headed towards the cabin that I made my home, I noticed
the chimney smoking.
It took me by surprise.
Who could be in there?

The door squeeked as I gently pushed it open.

Ah.... excuse me..... do I know you? I asked?
Two men sat at the table helping themselves to breakfast
of bacon and eggs. They looked very much at ease.

Oh Hi!
We came late last night and the door was open, the cabin empty...
 Are you Eleanor Walker?

Yes. Yes I am. Who are you?

I am James French and this here is my friend Luke Jenkins.
We're from Yellow Falls.


Well....... come and sit down and help yourself to some of your coffee.
he smirked.
Can I make you some eggs and bacon? Luke  offered.

Ah No... but I'll have some coffee. I tried to sound genteel.

James poured me a cup and I sat down waiting for an explanation
for this intrusion of privacy.

Like I said , we came last night and the cabin was empty.
We were tired. Hope you don't mind that we made ourselves at home.
We are headed up to Bear Mountain. We have family up there.

How did you come? I don't see horses or cars.

Oh, we came by ski doo.

Oh so you are the jerks making so much noise up in avalanche country.
Do you know you could have been killed this time of year when
snow is melting?

James looked at Luke sheepishly.
Well .... we were celebrating and kinda got carried away.
 Luke here is getting married
and we were having a bachelor party.
Thing is there were two ski doos but we seem to have lost the other one.
Two of our friends driving it are missing and we ran out of gas a stretch back
looking for them.

I huffed thinking to myself that I was not surprised but then
I found the story a bit far fetched.

We were just sitting here debating how we were going to go look for them.
Would you have a few horses we could borrow?

Oh... well I have a horse but he is a one man horse.

What does that mean?

Well... He is a sort of a show horse I make my living on.
I trained him a certain way and I am very careful with his legs and hoofs.
I dont ride him myself in these conditions.

I just walked him a stretch myself trying to get my cows back home.
They kinda strayed from their usual feeding ground.

Then I thought a bit and added... but if you need a kind of pack horse, I have a few cows
I can lend you.

C o w s ???

Yes . They are sturdy beef cows and they are used to me packing grub on them.
They can pull real well if you need a makeshift stretcher and I suppose they won't
buck either if you straddled them.  They are quite sedate where cows are concerned.
Have to say I lucked out with them.
I have a few pairs of snow shoes too but this time of year I don't think you will need them.

My mind was racing.
A little voice was telling me to get rid of these guys real quick before
 they show their true colors.
If I could convince them they were getting a good deal here......they might bite.

Luke and James looked at each other again .
Well I guess something is better than nothing.

Ya. I mean, you can load up on grub, warm jackets, shoes, blankets, bandages,ropes tent.

I have a kit set up for exactly such  an occasion. You never know when you will need one.
How about we go take a look?

I took the boys out to the barn and showed them what I had prepared to load on a cow.
I brought one of the new cows in and we loaded her up.

"Sorry kid. I know you must be tired but duty calls." I whispered in her ear.

By the way. This one I call Chou Chou. It's French for cabbage.
 I smiled.
She is real sweet. I gave her a big kiss on the schnoz.
This is a Bazardaise cow. I don't know if you know this breed but they are quite nice.

A sigh of relief was felt to the bottom of my feet when they finally trod out of sight.

I locked the door and headed for the secret room.
Yup, I have one for such occasions since we never lock doors when we leave.

I got out the emergency radio and hailed for outside help.
This is Mother Hen calling Rooster. Mother Hen calling Rooster. Come in Rooster.

 Is that you Eleanor? What's up?

I have a situation Bob. Got a few fellows here who are looking for a lost skiddoo.
I sent them with one of my cows to search but I think you need to send out a
 search party and find out what's going on.
I didn't want to be too nosy being alone out here.

Which way were they headed? They said they had kin on Bear Mountain.
 They just left so you might find them around Angus' Pass.

Will do.

Ok be careful. I mean it Bob.
Theres' a cougar out there and he looks pretty mean.

All right Mother Hen.

Over and out.

I was finally able to relax having sent out a search crew to help these guys without exposing Beau and Molly or myself to more danger.
It could have been a  very delicate situation but I took heart in that
the chickadees were still chirping and good sign as
 the forest knows danger.
"He will cover you with his feathers,
    and under his wings you will find refuge;
    his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart." psalms 91:4


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