Friday, March 20, 2015

Abyssus Abyssum Invocat

 Abyssus abyssum invocat

 It is funny that when we come to discussing issues it is always about sex.
Sex always comes to the forefront.
On TV the other day , they put in 3 sex scenes which really wasted
 5 minutes on grunting and groaning and frankly damaged the movie
 content which could have done better without it.
Ended up when it came to those scenes , it was easy just to skip it and
 move on to what happened after that.

Has it finally happened? Has sex become boring to watch?
How about horror films? Are people becoming less sensitive to
 acts of violence?
Do people have more or less compassion for a person being raped and
 killed, watching how it happened or if the producer leaves it up to the
 imagination of the audience?

Many are of the opinion that people with criminal thoughts and
 fantasies are less liable to act them out in reality, if they are satisfied 
with seeing them  acted out on screen.
Question is, where and why would people have such fantasies to want
 to act out? Why would they want to torture a cat or turn the skin inside
 out keeping it alive? Why does it make them feel good to do this act?
Isn't mans' social nature to nurture and protect?
After all these years of teaching people especially parents, not to spank
 their kids, why do children still grow up to become violent and evil
 human beings?
We stopped spanking but opened doors to drugs,sex, violence in games and
 movies and telling people prostitution is ok, hoping it would stop 
psychological and physical abuse.
Our solution to problems arising out of all this, is to drug our kids.
(aquiris quodcumque vapi) you reap what you sew.

Sex has become more important than the issue of children and what
 they are forced to watch in life as they grow up.
It has become more important than finding traditional, God loving homes
 with a balance of a Mother and a Father, for  children who have none.
Human Rights has come to be used to defend the rights of abusers,
 rather than the rights of good ethical and moral people.
Laws have become so diluted so as to become proper excuses 
for doing what was always considered unlawful  and for the better 
of society as a whole.

A BBC movie called Nuts in May,

 was quite funny as it portrayed a very Conservative couple vis a vis an
unhappy but  tolerant man vis a vis an obnoxious couple who were 
willing to fight  to have their freedom to break laws and their rights
 not to be considerate of others.
A police man searched the Conservative couples' car
finding a weak tire, that could result in a fine, but harmless,
 as opposed to all the other bad things people got away with, 
which really could have been a lot more dangerous for many.
He let them go without fines, showing them tolerance.

Then Huff News reported a man being shot in the head at the
Washington border, for what apparently
 was seen as illegal border crossing. It cost him a shot in the head
 for using pepper spray on a patrol officer.
Could have been handled better but seems they want to save 
on court costs, as now the truth of what happened will never be known.
Another woman answered Craigs list for childrens clothing,
only to be attacked and have her baby cut out of her.
Social issues have never been easy to deal with.
Today they are trying to pass Cable laws so people could limit
what they want to watch on TV and maybe lower prices on cable.
This is good for parents who don't want children watching 
bad things on TV but still leaves the doors open to internet and iphones
and parents next door, who don't give a hoot .
People in Singapore reject Government censorship in what they watch
and read, but the result of what they are doing, makes for a docile society
and happy children.

However it could also , depending on what the demand will be,
cost the cable company more to run , since they will not be selling
 as many channels as before.
It may also bankrupt some channels which are good but less popular and
 boost some channels which people should not be watching because
 it gives them ideas they would otherwise not have ( ie sadistic killing).
Where do we set limits as to how much freedom is good and how much
 is bad, when people cannot set these limits for themselves?
Is it right to set limits to safe guard the rights of the innocent and the fragile
or does society have to become hard , less cordial,  forceful  and 
corrupt, in order to be seen as tolerant?
As we have seen through the eyes of history books, corruption is
always a lot more profitable.
People who are ingenious and criminal in the mind, make the most
money, have the most power and lead envied lives.

They get the best parts in movies,the best jobs in political institutions,
 in law firms, and even in religious sects.
The innocent and humble are always abused and used and even killed.
They make for easy prey.

Our movies also show this to be true, encourage bad behavior and 
mock those who try to do the right thing, as Nuts in May made clear 
when the Conservative male ran into the woods to cry.
 He then had to move his camp to one with no facilities, to sit by a river with pigs,
in a place rented out to them which was not a camp.
He was not being refunded the money he paid, for days he did not use
 at the legal first camp with so called rules.
Seems nice things invite bad people who come to destroy,
 leaving the people who try to make nice things, out in the cold sitting in dirt.
 These  same people will try to
 improve on things and probably have better food and water,
 which again will be invaded by destructive people,
 who want something for nothing.

Looking at our beautiful BC and where it is going today, it is clear that
improving infrastructure, only attracts more people to come to destroy it.
Veni.... Vedi.....Vici.

And where do we put the blame for all this?
Well , must be it goes all the way back to how we control ourselves and deal 
with behavioral responsibility,  accountability and sexual appetites.

In the end... sapientia est potentia  = Wisdom is power

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