Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dakotas Ride

What a powerful documentary.

"When you've been through the course, you have something then worth saying.
Don't blame any one for anything because we are killing our own people."

Abe Lincoln carries greatness for more than just giving the Black people freedom.
He massacred 38 Indians as opposed to the 300 that were supposed to be
. This is important news for Obama to

At school our teacher asked us where we found ourselves in our own body.
Our center point so to speak. I was the first up to answer and I said my heart.
The other kids said their head.
The teacher said this is interesting cause White people say the head , American Indians
say the heart and the Chinese say their stomach.

This really affected me to be different from my classmates, cause I was always in my heart and in my lungs.
This is where I live. My center point
Today I understand why, when the documentary speaks of the spiritual depression, American
Indians are suffering from.
I was always a spiritual person.( not depressive)
I loved nature, animals, more than I loved people. If I had a choice, I would rather be out there somewhere in nature by myself, as opposed to other people who really need to be around people.
My nature was to nurture, guard, protect.I would never be lonely as I would find so many things to do. I think I would find it very disturbing to find white people entering my domain of peace and beauty and destroying my means to feed myself  respecting the land.
What law is more important, mans' or natures'?

 The spiritual in me always connected me to something bigger than myself.
  To life... existence...being....God.
I guess I have always been an Indian at heart and I wonder if all the people that came to this country
as pioneers, did not feel the same things or was it just greed?

We are all connected by blood and by soul.

Interesting story.



Gattina said...

Unfortunately I couldn't see the video it didn't load.
In 1971 when I saw the first Indians (or now Native Americans) they were parked in reserves and they had not an easy life. Fortunately today it's not the case anymore !

noodlecat said...

Have a wonderful week!

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