Saturday, March 7, 2015

Mango Blossoms

 Mango Blossoms

The sky groans and rumbles up above.
 Beneath the mango tree, I wonder ,
What maze my life must pass,
 Through a jet black forest?

Then my eyes get lifted,
 To a canopy of gold and
There I see you standing,
At God's eternal door.

 His mansion is enormous
With many souls inside and
Blossoms of the mango,
 Embroider faces of the wall.

 I try to feel the fullness and
 Sweetness of your breath
But you smiled and turned away and
 Left me at my best .

And now I hold a blossom
That fell from your black hair.
 A blossom.... he won't miss it
God .......who gives us all.
A Lady's Life
2015 03 05