Thursday, March 26, 2015


I tie Molly to Beaus' saddle in hopes she would lead
the other 5 cows home.
As we begin our journey, I once again am conscious
 of the spectacular beauty of the valley which now,
 with the morning rays of the sun,
 was bedazzled by diamonds in the ice crusted snow.
It was breath taking to behold.
Yawny was standing observing as well in the distance,
atop a small hill,sporting a full mane of  gold.

I named my wolf Yawny, as he had this nervous urge
 to keep yawning when ever you spoke to him.
He was undecided as to what he wanted to do and it
took a lot out of him.
Every time my eyes searched the horizon, there he was.

Crow stayed nearby too. It's as though he wanted
 to know our destination
so he could visit, as we visited him.
I named him Kalanu.

The trek was slow. The cows behaved and the
sun gradually became hotter.
I had to stop and get off Beau, to un layer.
By noon, we found a small grassy area bereft of snow.
I thought it would be an admirable spot to rest and
give Beau and the cows something
 to munch on.
Sweat poured down my brow and taking off  my
wide brimmed hat, I try wiping myself off when
 I hear it.
A chill goes up and down my spine as I grab for my rifle.
There is nothing innocent about a hungry cougar
prowling around a group of cows or even people.

I head off towards the sound when cat calls began
 to mix with growling and what seemed like
the beginning of a major battle.
There was Yawny, fur standing upright,
 alongside a tree with an un repenting ,
well muscled , adult cougar in it.

I aimed and shot. The shot missed the cougar but
gave him incentive to high tail
 it out of there with  Yawny at his heals.
I high tailed it back to Beau and Molly .

Ok guys. Sorry. We gotta go.

"No passing boat brought the truant back, though
 more than one pair of eyes looked out for the bright
hair under the round hat; and sunset came, bringing
no Rose but the lovely color in the western sky."
Louisa May Alcott

I began a tug of war with a reluctant Molly who was
just beginning to enjoy her day. I was determined not to be
 truant in my labor to get the cows home.
If I failed, spending another night outside, might
prove to be fatal.
 Thank fully the other cows faithfully herded
 alongside Molly.

How I found them to begin with, was beyond explanation.
My Molly girl has to be grounded when she
gets home I thought.

I began talking to myself and was glad no one was
 there to hear it and tell people
that I was close to losing it.

The only thing to fear is fear itself,  I explained to Beau.

Common Molly!!!

We need to adapt and find new ways to accomplish
our objective.
We can ignore the imagined risk and over come the
real risk if we have to.

I debated the pros and cons as to why the cougar
 would decide to return and stalk us
as Yawny and Kalanu do. Unlike my friends though,
 this cougar meant business.

We got to a clear cut path winding through another treed area.
Plenty of places for a Cougar to hide here, I thought.

We're not far now Molly.
There is some nice fresh hay waiting for you guys if you could
only hurry it up a bit.

I pulled out my rifle again just in case Beau bolted on me.

The light of day was close to disappearing but there it was....

I opened the gate of the coral and led my troupe through
 into the warmth and
 coziness of the barn. It was only then that I felt
a strange pressure lift off
my heart and rest on the heavy weariness of my bones and joints,
 from pulling two powerful and heavy animals.
 I collapsed into a bundle of fresh hay throwing
 my hat and lay there panting with closed eyes.

Slowly, after about 5 minutes, I got up.
There was still much to do but the animals all found their hay and
were content to be home.
I lit a gas lamp and sat admiring them, especially my Molly and Beau.

There is always something special when you raise
young whipper snappers from colt and calf.
They become a part of you, as you become a part of them.
To lose them, is like losing a part of yourself.

Then I thought about Yawny and what he did for us that day.
The world is full of guardian angels and they are always there
when you need them the most.
Hebrews 13-2 - Be not forgetful to entertain strangers:
for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.


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