Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ballerina Swan

This picture has been hanging on my wall for
the better part of my youth.
I used to sit and rock on my little rocking
chair listening to an LP of Swan Lake , over and over,
dreaming, making up a story
of this beautiful ballerina, before I even knew the story line behind it.
The music sure does speak to you, without a single word.

 I would then stand up and dance, pretending I was a ballerina and if only I had
a pair of shoes like she did, I would tell them a story and make the world right.
 Would I have become a ballerina?
Probably not since you need delicate, light bone structure, so I went into Karate
to learn self defense and exercise instead.
I did not have a big brother to take care of me
so I had to depend on myself.

This picture however keeps the dream alive and maybe if I ever have another life,
 in another time, one day, I might have a dream in this life come true and sacrifice all
to become a dancer, expressing a story of love, life, anguish, laughter, tears, from
 the deepest part of my being, my heart.
This is why I always had such passion for the violin and opera singing but I would never
have been good either because tears would flow into rivers.
 All people would see was a blubbering foolish woman lol

How tragic and romantic and beautiful life is.
 How wonderful to breath cool air and feel life bursting and coursing through your veins.
What richness of color feast your eyes in nature and life goes on...
never ending... always ....only beginning.
We live for ever both in life and in death.
We go forth in spirit, into the horizon and the future to live and to
fight for the glory of wisdom, perseverance, and justice.

We are all the same and yet so different.
We fight for love as seen through the eyes of those who truly
know what love is and we cry for those who will never know
for their heart is closed, in fear to give the only gift worth giving
and could never be for sale.
So much was learned by a child on a rocking chair without a single word,
from a picture on a wall and the music composed for it.

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