Thursday, March 5, 2015

Life and Only Life

All Is Possible
 To come home is very possible,
To get a hug from those you love.
To feel a hand that's always been there
 In times when you were hurt or sad.

To get love is very possible.
 From friends who know you through and through .
With whom you joked and roamed the landscape.
 With whom you shared a life that's true.

 To fill a heart is very possible,
With things unique to ones' own soul.
A smile, a touch, a scent, a story,
 A love that will always be your own.

 To know the truth is very possible.
 Accepting it, is bitter sweet.
 Truth stands tall in weeds and meadows.
 There is nothing like it in the world at all.

 The possibility of strife,
 Is known as part of every life and
Every life walks pebbled shores
Smoothing faith for our dead |Lord.

 It's possible all life goes on,
 Born eternal to know the glory of the son.
 The spirit grows to include all and
Death is not a possibility at all.
 A Lady's Life 2015 03 05


Gattina said...

Very nice and very true !

A Lady's Life said...

thanks gattina