Monday, October 6, 2014

The Life of a Gypsy

The gypsy sings and dances and lives like there is no tomorrow.
This is why the songs and dances are so emotional  and affect
all who watch and listen.
The migrant life of the gypsy as we know them through stories,
led them to have no expectations.
They expected the worst and then were happy when they got the best.
So the saying:
"Walk as though you are kissing the world with your feet."
Thich nhat hanh
is very true in life.
Humbleness is better than arrogance.

Today, with freedom of expression and demonstration,
we see much unrest.

"The purpose of words is to convey ideas
When ideas are understood, words are forgotten.
Where can you find a man who has forgotten?
He is the one to talk to.


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