Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Moms Fight to Love.


Love is never fulfillment
Life is never a thing of continuous bliss
There is no paradise
Fight and laugh and feel bitter
and feel bliss;and fight again
Fight, fight, that is life

DH Lawrence.

Was a very wicked night last night.
Windy and rainy.
As the rain pelleted the roof, the dogs went wild .
Tanya was shaking and Bella was running around after Tanya,

I took the time to brush the two dogs using spray conditioner .
Have to see today if it was a good thing I did or now
 have to wash them to stop matts.
Every day you learn new things to do and this was one of them.

Beau is also very restless Keeps barking, at what I don't know.
Something is really bothering him.
He doesn't want to come in either.
Every one is in guard mode.
Maybe the neighbors rooster has something to do with it
cause it doesn't stop crowing all day.
Tough little guy.
It must be a new rooster cause the old one didn't know how
to crow as well as this one does.

We had one man shooting the war memorial in Ottawa and
another man who ran over two soldiers in Quebec.
So much insanity in this world.

The Pope opened a discussion on allowing gay marriages.
It clearly says in the Bible that man should not lie with man.
So if this comes to pass, then religion will become obsolete.
The reason Christian religion exists is because of the
10 Commandments but if they change those then there is no
more religion and nothing for people to believe in.
This then opens doors to many ruthless things like
 anarchy which then leads to massacresand dictatorships.



George said...

I hope you didn't have to give the dogs a bath because of matting from the spray. Thanks for another thoughtful post.

A Lady's Life said...

The spray seems to be good for the skin George and makes the hair softer. I think it's a good idea to use conditioner mixed with water as a spray but I am not sure about when the dog licks the fur.
Always something.

As for life, well life is turmoil. Life is all about fighting because people are never happy with being just happy. In as much as we have a chip to have need of love, we also have a chip that has a need to quarrel too it seems lol
A stagnant life is boring and I guess heaven would be kinda stagnant because you would have to be happy and at peace with yourself. Here on this side of our journey, we never are. lol