Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What is GMO FREE ?

Here we go.
 A guy who is talking sense.
How ever when I go to the local market they have signs saying Mexico, California New Mexico etc... lol
You just never know.

Boycott? the below items and email the companies to tell them we will not buy their products.
That's maybe 3/4 of a store and empty shelves.

 and watch the below video  . Farmers in Mexico fear their traditional seed will be destroyed.

No point to pay into health care. It's too expensive and they will leave you to die once too many people show up at hospital doors, like they do with ebola today.

Money does not solve problems. It creates more if people do not behave properly.

Young people need to pay attention. Ask our government how they allow for such things? We expect them to do the right thing otherwise why have FDA?
 Why sit at borders stopping goods from going through?
It's all the same poison whether it comes in commercial trucks or in our cars.

Ask Mr OBAMA what he is doing? He let terrorists go so trouble starts and did a half assed job with health care , where by many will not get the care they deserve to get, the drugs they need, and still have to pay through the nose every month.
Most salaries cannot afford health care costs.
While companies like  Monsanto are  killing land and seed so no one will benefit from health care.
Sure feed more people to kill more people.

Why do people get sick anyway? It should not happen.
Even potatoes folks are not safe to eat anymore and they are hard to cut , tasteless . Most foods
are covered in spices to  disguise the true flavorless vegetable.

I remember taking stuff from the garden they smelled soo good and tasted soo wonderful.
Kids don't know and this is why companies like Monsanto can get away with what they do.

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