Thursday, October 16, 2014

News and Music

Q  Why did the horse have to gargle?

Ans :Cause he was a little hoarse.

I little guitar music goes a long way and this fellow plays it so well.
I put it on and can listen the whole day.

Yesterday I listened to Mozart. What a wonder this computer is
with so many putting stuff on for the world to enjoy.
I got two things today horses and music.
Nothing like a soft big nose to nudge at you but instead
I have a few little black ones that make my day. every day.

I was reading the paper today about a guy whose left side was cut off.
He is all right now.

Then one of my blogger friends suggested a book on anti gravity.
It's a book you just can't put it down.

On Vision TV  they were talking about atheism.
They said it was a non - prophet organization.

The ambulance came to our neighbors' house and took a little boy to the hospital.
He swallowed some coins.
I called his grand mother to ask how he was and she said: " no change yet".
Guess we have to wait and see. lol

I love to tell jokes when I am knitting to pass the time.
My friends call me a real knitwit.

I knit animal hats and I swear I can hear them talking. The other day one said to the other:
I'll stay here and you go on a head.
Even hats get lazy lol

Music is a little miracle we have on this planet.
Beautiful music is a blessing and helps the day go by a lot nicer.

Have a good one


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