Thursday, October 23, 2014

I Put a Spell on You for Halloween

Halloween is a fun time when kids can have a great time running around
collecting treats .
Some of them also have to perform tricks.

We always had fun making haunted houses, scaring kids and even some parents
enough, to make our house a very popular one. In those days we had to make
sure we had tons of treats.
But kids grow up and times change.
Some kids became victims of vicious people who hated spirits and evil angels
gouls goblins witches and gave out bad candy spiked with razor blades and what not.
So Halloween fun was spoiled .

It's the same with blogs.
I try to talk about God and the 10 Commandments because I believe it is good for every one.
There is only one deity that the world believes in and the rest are prophets.

Now prophets can be good or bad because of how they interpret the meaning of who and what God is and what he wants, but they are not God so they cannot speak for him.

In reality there are only two true religions and they are Judeism because the Jews are still waiting
and Christianity because we believe God sent the 10 Commandments and  his son , who is part of the trinity Father Son and Holy Spirit.
Man can only be touched by those three and if they are touched by anything else,
.....well, they end up living in a twilight  zone.

You meet up with some of these people who call out demons calling them angels and spirit guides .
I met one  once and she was very enthusiastic about what she did but I know playing with the occult is a very bad thing. The devil does exist.

My Mom as a girl, played with the Ouiji Board and was invited to come visit the horned goat.
She got scared and stopped playing. Another of her friends sat by a mirror on New Years Eve
calling out for a spirit to show her the face of her true love, the man she would marry.
At first glimpse you have to turn the mirror over quickly. Failing to do so could be fatal.
Her friend did not turn it over quick enough and was found beaten badly.
Another of her Moms' friends used a light porcelain bowl to deal with the occult. She got frightened one night and forgot to turn over the bowl to let the spirit out and it burst.

And I was sitting in Singapore writing my Mother a letter about a funeral that was taking place behind the wall of the building I was in.
The Chinese hire wailers and they clang and bang things to keep evil spirits away from the dead body.

As I was writing her telling her this I mentioned the word devil and the ceiling lamp burst with such ferocity, as I had never seen before. Seems the devil was on my side of the wall trying to get in but couldn't and made sure I knew he was there.
It was then,  I began talking of spirits with the local people and found that they truly believe in them
as something to stay away from.

The devil plays with obsessions and possessions if you let him. He brings more spiritual pain and suffering to those who call out these spirits and angels and spirit guides.
It never ends well.
I advise anyone who does so to stop and if they cannot stop, please go seek professional help because some of you need help desperately. Do so before you self destruct.
Angels and spirit guides do not have the answers you seek.
Their job is to confuse and promote hate.

In my blog I try to have people reflect and understand that God is not obsessive nor possessive and does not care what you dress in or how you pray. Books were written to save people who lived without refrigeration and the technology we have today.
They are not meant to be taken literally today because they were written by man.
They are history, a glimpse into the past.

The 10 Commandments was written by God.

It and It alone, has the power to unite us all in peace.
It and it alone is truth.
We cannot argue against it any more than we can argue the existence of God.
It is beyond us all.
To argue against God is to show your ignorance and to follow something less wholesome.
We see this today so clearly just through reading the newspapers.
 Lost people, committing horrible acts against others and who could have been saved.

I would also like to say that I am not a professional. My blog is for me and for anyone who may find the things I say interesting and helpful. I express my thoughts as others express theirs and I am free to do this in the country I live in, but I am not a doctor.

If my blog depresses you. it is up to you to go seek professional help because obsessive compulsive behavior is a sign that something is wrong in your life.
Something you are doing, is hurting you deeply.
There are many good people in this world who do care.
I in particular care about children because they are innocent and abused by greedy pressure groups.

So enjoy your Halloween and keep it healthy.
Love your neighbor and your enemy and most of all
love God, for he is truth and the light.


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