Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Boogie Woogie Show

When I was a kid I loved Liberace. I thought my God is his family
lucky to have so talented a man who could teach his kids and bring joy
 into the house.I would have loved him to be my Dad to teach me first
hand how to play like this.
At that time we kids were innocent to gender issues.
Place des Arts in Montreal was reserved for Excellence and talent
and he was one of the artists allowed to perform there.
Groups like the Beetles could bring in a crowd but they
were not considered cultural performers like opera singers 
violinists, piano players and ballerinas, who excelled in what they did.
All this changed.

These Rock groups performed at the Forum hockey stadium along with
other shows like the Circus,
Ice Capades , Magic shows  etc...

Today we can read all about this genious pianist and now I think,
what a waste.
He went around telling fans that it was thanks to them he could gorge himself in
diamonds. It would have been ok if life was just about material things but
 it is so much more.
He had so much more to offer to so many more people and not much is disclosed
if he ever did outside of his performances and movies.

I still love to watch him play .


George said...

I think my mother, who could play the piano, watched every Liberace TV appearance. I also enjoyed his show. It does seem like that was a simpler era.

A Lady's Life said...

We had his picture on our music room wall.
I am so glad your Mom played the piano