Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Good Fight

I love songs where you can hear the words.

Good ol Leonard always talking good shit. lol
I think I knew his Mother.

Isn't this what life is becoming ,
Waking up to darkness every day?
"Is this contagious?
 Just drink it up. "

People just don't seem to have a chance even with our democracy and government.
There is just no protection from greed and violence especially
when we frown on doing the right things in life.It makes it so easy
to walk all over us.

Freedom does carry responsibility which many ignore.
Just today on the news a man went to check his community garden and
 it was trampled on by drug people, who then beat him up.

So when I see people supporting legalizing drug use, I just want to
yell in the same manner they speak.

SHUT THE F UP!!!! Cause it seems this is the only language they understand.
No need to go to school these days.
Just learn to bad words and you are set for life. lol
( I am beginning to sound like my Dad who used to argue with the TV set lol)

And these selfish people, have taken over the media and lobby groups.
Should people not see something is wrong here?

Instead of giving in it is people, as usual, who need to fight the good fight so there is
hope in the world . It needs more than just prayer.
 It needs true grit.
There is more to life than sex and drugs.
Corporations are  poisoning all the land , water
and air, for our benefit, leaving  people with nothing.

We send soldiers to die for nothing over seas and are blind to the terrorism in our own
kitchen fridge. It's a time bomb waiting to happen.
Everything we put in our mouths is declaring an act of war on the good soldiers
in our bodies .
The good people who have break throughs to help them, disappear or are found dead.

Our organizations hired to protect us, are not doing their job.They punish the little guy
selling lemonade on street corners and school fund raisers,
while the big polluters with lawyers,
 get around all the laws.
(Even Kool Aid is poison today. )
Don't these lawyers understand what they are doing?

Ya, I guess I caught the darkness in more ways than one.
We are asked to trust and believe in the worst criminals in the world.

They don't even bother to lie.
They know you have no choice but to drink it up.



Anonymous said...

Power is the word without any morals anymore. I used to have a professor who would say the Barbarians are at the gate, no they are not anymore they are here...

Annie v.

A Lady's Life said...

Thing is Annie They are not the ones with the power. The power is always with the people, unless you kill them all.
People have to pay attention to what is sold in their stores.
How the food is grown.

Today they have to go to Belgium and kill Monsanto Corp.who is selling GMO's resulting in cancers in people.This company has taken over the world.
We need food Yes, but not food raised chemically with poisoned seeds.
When one ear of corn turns into three Imagine what happens when people eat this corn?
We have kids born with conjoined twins attached just like the corn.