Thursday, October 16, 2014

Going Cuckoo

Life in todays' world  seems like it is all going cuckoo.
Every time a log is laid before the horse and cart one just says
"What else is new" more as a statement than a question.

Technology is supposed to make things easier but instead it makes it
more complicated and harder to prove ones' innocence.
This is mainly because so much has changed.
Companies are not as strictly run as before when mistakes mattered.
The old bosses were stricter and the employees were much more loyal.
Jobs mattered. Job security mattered. God mattered. Today... nothing matters.

Before, when you needed oil, you called the oil truck which delivered
 the oil and you paid the man either with cash or a check. Simple.
You could trust people a lot more to bring the check or cash to the employer, than you can today.

Cases were simple. You did not need to argue about payments made.
If you did not pay you did not get oil.
Today you can argue till you turn blue that payment was made three times
 at a great cost to you and they don't have it the other end no matter how
 much proof you show them and more.... they don't care.
Why don't they care? Well cause they are secure in that the judge will take their side.
It is very easy to put the relevant info on another computer where nothing is traceable.
Cases become so many that the victim often loses.
The bigger the company, the harder it is to obtain justice.

This is the computer age. It is the age of no responsibility because computers do not lie,
but people still do and identity theft can be so easy to do and very profitable.
The laws have not caught up with the computer age.
 There is no perfect system and unless they make it straight forward and easy to do,
things become very complicated.
It is much easier to stay analog or with the old systems but instead , they are swept under the coals.
People are forced into change. Kudoos for those who still can.

The hunter today complains about not being
 able to hunt for food. It was simple back then . Buy a license and you are set.
Today buying licenses is not easy and then they tell you where what and when.

The same with fishing and even if you do catch or kill something, it doesn't mean it is edible cause animals depend on the environment and the environment is poisoned.
So you pay about 100 dollars per person for a license,for a "certain" area to fish in,  for catch and let go .
So you end up with two choices.
 1) eat what you caught or killed or starve letting it go.
2) eat the poison they sell for much higher prices in stores.

There is a number 3 solution but the city laws don't allow you to grow your own meat, so cities and towns can quickly become dangerous jungles where even rats are not safe because of mass starvation
that can happen overnight.

Survival quickly becomes more of a profession than a skill.
This is why sky scrapers are not solutions unless you have gardens for people to plant stuff in or grow meat around.
Urban sprawl is also difficult if there is no adequate transport or enough local stores.

So people have to in the end, either face higher taxes with no solutions or live with less, lower taxes
and get more freedom to be a human being and enjoy life as God would wish it.
Justice then has to be local justice and laws, local laws and God closer and in every home, so everything is simple and makes a whole lot more sense.
It is a lot safer and nicer to know your neighbor and do business with him than to do it with people you don't know , wolves in sheeps' clothing


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