Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Digging Your Own Grave

I don't like you
I see your face
And I remember what you said to me

I see the truth
Past all your lies
I've seen your bullshit with my own two eyes

Hooray for nothing
Nothing to be proud of
You're digging your own grave x 2

Verse 2:
Face to Face
Such a disgrace
I've seen you here so many times

Eye for an eye
You can't deny
I've seen past your disguise

Hooray for nothing
Nothing to be proud of
Your digging your own grave x 2

Leave my mind in the Sky
Cause i'm gone
Leave my mind in the Sky
Cause i'm gone.
Nice Rock group but only 79 views.
Seems every where you look, the media is supporting marijuana even when told
by professionals that it is not good for you.

It's the same with abortion which may be fine for older women who won't
have any more babies but not fine for young girls who may want
 to have babies in the future.

When push comes to shove, people will do what they want cause after all they are free people, but what irks me is that
after people dig their own graves, they complain .

Kids especially are great with this.
You tell them don't get into debt .
They get into debt and then come home to extort money from their bad parents. lol

You tell them not to spend the money they make for school, but they do and then have to get into debt and guess who they blame.
Their bad parents.

You tell them not to fool around because products they sell for sex are not healthy for you and they do anyway.
When they get into trouble or some disease.
Guess who is blamed. The bad parents.

You tell kids don't drink. They do and then guess who has to pull them out of hospitals and drug and alcohol addictions?
The bad parents.

You tell kids don't hang in bars or walk in deserted places.
When they are found in ditches,. who is blamed?

Everything today is blamed on someone else except the person who makes the bad decisions.
Everything gets loaded on the taxpayer because the solution is simple right? Money.
But is it so simple? Is the solution in money?

What about multinationals like Monsanto, from Belgium , a multinational that is poisoning every one with
Round up and genetically modified seed.?


And does the media care? Who is the media working for?
The people? Lobby groups?
What happened to good neutral news reports?

Media helps to dig the graves to sell news and the public loves it
as they falter around in disease.
Where is Obama to stop all this?
Did Obama care help the people or put more stress into peoples lives.

Nothing is better than supporting the small farmer and keeping traditional seeds from being destroyed. We used to have free choice to do this.

The truth may be ugly but it is still the truth.
Unless you do the right thing, two wrongs don't make a right.

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