Saturday, July 17, 2010

What Children See

There is nothing so endearing as hearing the heart felt, innocent laughter of a child.

It stays with you no matter where you go and tears fill your eyes remembering

that this child is yours. It is a gift from God, blessed and delightful as life itself.

As you watch it sleep, it’s all you can do from hugging it to death and smothering it with kisses.

And tears flow, thankful that it is healthy and happy with 5 fingers and five toes.

I don’t know who delights more in the … This little piggy game…….or watching the expressions

Of the eyes and mouth as you sit making a fool of yourself

Playing in fake sneezing and peek a boo and making the child eat spoonfuls and spoonfuls of

Mashed food while being entertained by Mother goose stories which you tell with the same voices

A witch or a goose may talk in.

I think during these times, we are the best that we can be.

We put on our best professional performances and never even realize it.

I think the birth of a child is the greatest blessing God could give people and parenting doesn’t really require skills, as much as it does

Love, time, patience and tranquility to enjoy bringing up a new person , raising it to be strong and

able to carry the sad burdens of the world, that’s

Full of selfishness, pig headedness and pain.

They say ignorance is bliss and maybe this is what God intended for mankind.

In his opinion, he thought, isn’t it enough for one to carry the burdens and for one to make sure

Mankind doesn’t become extinct?

Isn’t it enough for one to self sacrifice himself, so the rest could live in peace, joy

And health.

As God gets old and wrinkled from the worries of the universe, he can enjoy the small things

That count.

As a parent replenishing his soul looking into the eyes of innocence, totally relying on the parent for its

Survival and protection, so does God replenish his soul by looking at his creation of man. For we are his children and he delights

In watching us grow and entertains our curiosities so we can one day take over the burdens of the universe, as he did for us.

And Yet the world does not trust in God.

We have children, who do not trust their parents.

We have parents, who do not trust their children.

All our souls are blemished and dark as we lose focus and trust, in those closest to us, who we are supposed to love.

We feed off this darkness pretending to be adults when in fact to be an adult is to be the exact opposite.

To be an adult is to protect the innocent from fear, ugliness, pain, suffering, hate, war.

To build a human requires a hand to shelter its eyes from things he should not see so he grows to be a better understanding secure man.

Is knowledge power ? Seems the more we know, the less we know.

Is ignorance bliss? No not entirely. History has foretold horror stories that befell the ignorant who just wanted peace and bliss.

It’s not enough to be happy in an unhappy world.

So what does God want and what do we want of God?

What do our parents want and what do we want of them?

In the end , do we not all want the same things?

To be able to understand this, is one huge step for mankind,

Because it’s one huge step in understanding the Father, who made us possible.



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