Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mosquito Summer.


Mosquitoes are out . We do not have as many as

Ontario, where opening your mouth to talk, can make you a good meal of them.

They swarm like thin veils in the air and people sitting eating in restaurants,

just ignore them.

Ontario, understandably, since there is such an abundance of mosquitoes,

also have the biggest dragonflies I’ve ever seen.

They are about 3 inches long, and they seem to know if you do not belong there cause they charge

And head butt you and it really hurts.

To protect yourself you need a tennis racquet to either make a game of it or head for shelter into the car.

But even facing battle with a tennis racquet doesn’t seem to sway them.

They are extremely head strong and nothing like the beautiful friendly dragonflies we used to play with

on the Richelieu River in Quebec.

In hot weather, you cannot get away without some body odor, and wearing dark colors enhances sweating.

This would be a good time to also avoid lactose products.

Mosquitoes also like carbon dioxide and fly towards it.

We are talking mainly about female mosquitoes since they are the ones who bite.

Used to be mosquitoes were quite noisy and you could hear them coming but now I find they are very quiet and sneak up on you

Until you feel the bite and try to give it a good swat.

By this time its too late cause they fly away unless they are already heavy and full of blood.

Then you are left with this messy red spot thinking eeeeyooo!!!

Does this all belong to me? Or is it picking up other blood along the way?

We can buy products to repel them or use electricity, but if your garden consists of Citronella plants, Peppermint, Cloves, Cedar, Eucalyptus

Catnip and Rosemary, a few small bats, friendly dragon flies, and garden spiders, you might find you have less mosquitoes flying around you.

I guess burning some of these in candles and oil around you, might also repel mosquitoes.

Its either that or wearing a mosquito net from head to toe.

We are lucky here in BC this year, to have much cooler weather as opposed to the 40 degree celsius weather,

they’ve been having on the east coast. Today it was 12 degrees Celsius.

Sometimes we wonder if the two days of sun and heat is all the real summer we will have

this year.

But no matter where you are, your friend the mosquito will not be far behind.

I guess we just have to learn to live with our pesky friends even if we don’t like them.

They do benefit our planet by providing food for a large number of animals in the food chain.

The males drink nectar and there for help pollinate plants

I guess we can let them live………but THOSE FEMALES!!!!!!!

Bow wow! Grrrrrrrrr....On them.


Maude Lynn said...

The mosquitoes are terrible here, too.

Akelamalu said...

We don't really get mosquitoes here, thank goodness.

George said...

We're fortunate that we don't have too many mosquitoes here on the Plateau. We do have bats, which seem to do a good job of keeping the mosquitoes under control.

alady'slife said...

How interesting.
I have a little bat living in my eves in Quebec. He flies around at night and he is soo cute.
In BC we saw two more coons by the house. But I don;t think they are from my roof. At least I hope not.

juliana said...

it's a good thing all mosquitoes are not as big as the one in the picture ;)

alady'slife said...

juliana lol you are right lol but if dragon flies in Ontario are huge, this must be because they eat a lot of mosquitoes in comparison to those in Quebec.
So never say never. lol