Friday, July 9, 2010

The Water Pik Difference.

This being summer and hot, everyone will be splashing in pools and swimming in lakes and oceans and seas.

When I went to Hawaii I did my fair share of rolling in the waves and apart from the sticky sand which refused to wash off for a week, even when I got home, my ear was water logged.
I slept on it for a few nights but the water refused to come out and it felt so uncomfortable, it was driving me nuts.

So I put some comfortably hot water into my water pik and decided to jet stream my ear.
It melted the wax inside, behind which the water was trapped and everything came out in one huge ooze into the sink. I couldn't believe it.

I felt immediately, so much better and was so impressed with this water pik, that I have to tell people how good a job it did cause now I could even hear better lol.

You have to do it gently so you do not damage your ear drum however.
You never know, some people might not be too careful, but it sure does the job.
You don't really have to stick the tube deep inside the ear, just enough so the water goes inside and melts the wax. Remember you still need to use the tube to clean your teeth.
So you do not want it touching anything.

I remember me taking my Grand Mother to the hospital for just the same thing and the doctor went in with a few pinchers and he rolled the wax inside and pulled out a big blob but this way, it was much easier and a lot less painful. In fact there was no pain at all and saved me an uncomfortable trip to the hospital.

Little Johnny was in a spelling bee in class.

He had to spell the word and use it in a sentence.

The teacher asked him to spell the word, "ear."

Little Johnny stood up and proudly said, "Ear. E. A. R."

Then to use it in a sentence, he pretended to take a big hit off a joint and then while pretending to have his lungs full of smoke he pretended to pass the joint to little Suzy and said, "Ear!"


Voegtli said...

I am using something similar to clean my teeth, the Oral from Braun. First, it felt awkward and now when I travel and forget it, I feel awkward. My dental hygienist's bill has tremendously reduced and the visits with the dentist are limited to a yearly checkup.

alady'slife said...

yes its good stuff Peter.:)