Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sunny Tsawaassen

We found this beauty on the beach in Sunny Tsawaassen, Delta, BC.

We spent countless hours days and years on this beach. Raised puppies and children and
took our parents to sit and picnic. This beach has swings and a cantina for burgers and fries and people come to play badminton, write books, study for exams, do artwork, walk/ run their dogs, or just share a cup of tea or coffee with a best friend.
During the day, people bring chairs and place them in the lovely pools of water left behind by the outgoing tide and you could read and tan keeping cool, sitting in them, while your children play in the water around you.
We raised our Nugget there and I can still see his golden ears flapping as he ran the beach into puddles that were way too big for him lol
We also brought our Max there to enjoy his last days before putting him down because of major hip displasia. He wanted to play so much and tried to follow my son into the water in dire pain.
He was a very loving, loyal German Shepherd.
When the tide rolls in around 4 pm, it comes in fast and before you know it you have a place you can actually swim in. The water is warm and clean.
This is when you take out your plastic equipment to float on, kayaks, and wind surfing boards or walk way out into the bay because it isn't very deep.
On the other side you can see White Rock, by the American Border and the famous Mount Baker, a sight for sore eyes because it's always full of snow and makes for such a cool horizon. Whenever they talk about the snow melting and Global Warming, I always look to this mountain and say to myself, if this mountain ever fades from its original snowy white, then we know we are in deep trouble. All around us, in the horizon, we see the Rocky Mountains blocking us away from the east.
This beach is where my Mom met an old man on his scooter, who took a fancy to her lol and gave her a candy, which she grabbed like a little child. He kept saying his name was Sutherland and invited us to visit his place up the beach a bit. Except for the candy, my Mom sat rigid looking at him suspiciously. She couldn't walk or talk much by then. She did not know what was going on. lol
When we got home we kept thinking maybe it was Donald Sutherland's Dad and if it was, well what a small world this is.
It's amazing how many flashbacks you get visiting the same places over and over again.
I guess it becomes something you call


George said...

I really like this old tree trunk at the water's edge. This is a beautiful picture.

Christina said...

white rose...lovely :)

A Lady's Life said...

thanks for visiting Christina:)
George I found the water behind the tree to resemble human skin with the same kind of lines.

Baron's Life said...

I agree with George...this is a very nice shot Lady...give us some more

A Lady's Life said...

Baron - I will try lol