Thursday, July 31, 2014

Gone to Earth

Jennifer Jones plays a wonderful part here as a simple, animal loving, and kinda crazy girl named Hazel.

I don't remember seeing many of these old movies and they are well worth watching.

Well today was Earth Day for me as I transplanted some plants into different pots.

Carnations , daisies, and other perrenials I have in my yard go to seed so I am waiting to gather them to keep in the fridge and then replant. I had a rose with beautiful flowers I am trying to get the cut stem to root. Sometimes to my surprise it does.
I planted lemon seeds I love lemon trees and now I am looking at the black berry bushes for the
berries and for the leaves to dry to have my own tea.
They are wild so I know there are no chemicals on them.
I think using manure in soil is a much better thing to do than to pay for all these things they tell you will make your plants thrive.
I use them and the plants dont like it.


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