Monday, July 28, 2014

Bella Martadella.

My Beautiful Bella is 6 months old now and looking
 more and more enchanting as she is growing into her
 eyes and body.
She is a wonderful personality and I think she is more
 Havanese than anything else.
They say this breed loves to shred toilet paper
Yes, so true.
They love to train their owners.
Yes .That's so true as well.
They say they are loving social dogs and get anxious when left alone.
Yes. Bingo.
This is a dog definitely for stay at home people or maybe a travelling
Loyal , friendly, and very loving,
they would make excellent dogs for hospitals
as they are soft , long haired kissers.

The other day we took her out and she enjoyed her head
being stuck out the window but she keeps stepping on the
automatic window opener button and it shuts on her neck.
Gosh! So scary. Poor puppy.

Tanya gave up and is friends with her now but Tanya is a very
loyal old dog and no one can come near me except another dog and family. lol
So poor thing has to be separated from visitors.
Kinda sucks.
Sometimes she behaves and she is certainly given the chance to but it is
tricky and when she gives into guard patrol, she has to go to her room.
So far Bella has not learned to be unfriendly to strangers.
Makes it so much easier and nicer.
I hope you like her portrait.

Have a great day.


Unknown said...

She's such a cutie! I love her colors!

A Lady's Life said...

She is a lovely dog. teresa.
Have to call it a blessing to get her.