Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Sun Shines and Innocents Die.

The Sun Shines Bright by John Ford.1953

 What a great movie Sure shines a BRIGHT light on
 relationships between people and race.

Thomas Jefferson was a slave owner but he believed in human rights. His major achievements; "his preamble has been considered an enduring statement of human rights.[52] "All men are created equal" has been called one of his best-known sentences and was promoted by Abraham Lincoln." We give ol Abe credit for another mans' words. The main worry at that time was what was a slave to do once he was freed and needed to look for a job? Many slave owners treated their workers very well. They worked in exchange for food, shelter, clothing, etc.... and that was not cheap in those times to do. Its nice to hear something good about this era as opposed to hate and violence.
 Transition to freedom was bound to happen sooner or later.
Today listening to the petty political arguments going around the world, I think men are not born equal.
Women are not considered human and there fore do not require education or rights.
Children are there to send out for meat in war including ours.

It is a sad state of affairs for religion and for politics.
Neither group is doing the job they were designed to do.

Religion is to keep peace through love but even brothers have no love for their own brothers today.

Politics is supposed to be there to organize a society so it has food shelter schools water jobs
celebration and instead they sit and bicker because the ones running for politics are not honorable men and women interested to do good. Like law , it is all about law and not justice. It is not about doing the right thing.. They lie cheat steal... how can we trust their judgement decisions when making
rules and laws? for example how can they justify Human Rights to relate to abusive prostitution?
Today we do not need Unions with the existence of Human Rights do we? But we do.
If companies did to their employees what pimps do to theirs, they would be closed down.

Plastics in water apparently change male fish into females so one wonders how it relates to people and the sudden rise in the gay population. Should we not therefore be concerned about
creating healing water as found in the hot springs and water around volcanoes?
We have so many things to worry about and yet we are all distracted by the world around us
who sits and fights to live, by killing you, for doing the right thing.

Why is it they don't do the right thing at home? It would keep them busy and away from killing
and this would make us all happy.

We speak of killing of innocent people. How can the HAMAS infested area call itself innocent when they send people to die in suicide bombings.
Innocence in Palestine has long been lost since before Yasser Arafat times. The man kissed hands and then bombed. Collected Nobel Peace Prizes and then bombed.
 Everything the free world does, is meaningless to them unless it is their way.
We are not their brothers and never will be.
All these kids will grow hating and damaged by their religion.
Yes the sun shines and innocents die but we are not innocent as long as we support and send our children to war.

Look at how Mexico decided to invade the US and turn it into a Spanish country?
It makes sure the kids cross the border and turns the US into a political mess because they can't do a thing about it.
Ghandi did this. Cuba did this and now Islam is doing this.
Our laws have to be changed and enforced or crime will grow and then INNOCENT people will die here.
In order for multiculturalism to succeed, people have to live and work and study together and not in separate communities. People have to be kept innocent of differences and what unites us, has to be enforced.

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Anonymous said...

never will happen, we are living in troubled times where honorable men are mocked, doing the right thing is not considered cool... Morals are gone and we are living the downfall of Rome allover again. I am glad I am old having survived WW2 I see it all at our doorstep again.

Annie v.