Tuesday, July 8, 2014

the great deception

This is interesting cause it says all the visions people see of the Virgin Mary and the crying Icons are a deception Before the end of times the Bible speaks of false gods prophets angels and that the only way to God is through his son. Today holograms are so real, that one cannot tell they are not real people. And Mary would not give a speech about herself and her importance, if she was speaking for her son. England told her people not to go to places like Syria where they will be in danger and can't be trusted not to become terrorists on their way back home People dont care about the country they live in and go anyway. They are so misguided so as to say when Jesus returns, he will make every one Muslim. Such beliefs can only conclude that when they come back, they might be trained assassins and Britain is right in believing something like this could happen. Jesus is so far away from the Islamic reality . He, for one thing , was a pacifist, a lamb led to slaughter. He would be more like Ghandi than Muhammad. He put himself into harms way but never his people. He said he would die so his word could live. He was a true leader. The fight was spiritual having to do with faith in the good. When you believe in good, you cannot do bad things,to hurt people. You walk through life in innocence. How many people can say they do that today? Do we need to look at our Charter of Rights and Freedoms again and change it so it becomes more effective in doing the job it was really intended to do, to promote good? Truth is the biggest sword anyone can carry. Truth is feared and hated. People fight to keep the lies but truth stands on its' own. Religion, as it pertains to Christ, is about truth. We have to remember why Christianity came into existence. It was because of the sadistic cruelty that existed whereby man lived in fear every day. When it comes to free countries, we stay in the middle of the road so balance exists and in this way, we keep peace. Once the balance is lost, trouble begins. xoxoxoxoxo


George said...

You've spoken some very wise words here. Thank you.

A Lady's Life said...

Welcome George
Some things need to be said.
I mean we listen to so much of other thngs and not enough of these things lol