Friday, August 1, 2014

Lonely Hearts - To Know What One Wants

 Montgomery Clift plays in this movie.
As usual it is taken from life and this makes it a very good movie.

"To thine own self be true" is taught to many a young person
who takes it literally to mean that what ever he/she thinks feels or does is ok.

To be true to oneself means, one can look at ones' self in the mirror and like what one sees.
It also means knowing who ones' self is.

When it comes to the 10 Commandments, it is not many who can look into a mirror
and like what he/she sees.
The written words stand before one, implying guilt, inefficiency, imperfection.
Thus the words " to thine own self be true" becomes a problem rather than a solution.

How can one be true to oneself, if one is guilty and imperfect and not up to the standards
expected of him/her as a human being and as a member of society?

Jesus said let one who is innocent amongst you, cast the first stone.
It is here one understands that because of ones own imperfections, a stone can not be cast.

In todays' world, lacking the 10 Commandments, papers are full of people casting stones at one another. Cheating lying stealing, bullying,killing, etc.. does not hinder them liking the
image they see in the mirror. They look into the mirror and say:  I did good today.
 I was true to myself.

One story today made me laugh. It was about a woman who wrote in about dogs.
She complained and expressed all the reasons as to why dogs should not be around places people are on beaches.
One man commented to her letter and said I agree.
Dogs are disgusting and loud and should be removed from beaches.
We should remove the dogs and then ...........we should remove the people.

It was British kind of humor whereby it was implied that people do more damage to beaches than dogs.

This Other movie: They Knew What They Wanted
is even more touching.
It concerns itself with the very very good, the bad who are also good, and the bad.

People who do suffer because they have a conscience to do the right thing.
To be true to ones self has a lot more meaning in this movie.
Basically I felt the heroine wrote the "Dear John" letter in words, telling her beau
that he was too good for her. The film left you dangling, not knowing
if she would change her mind and come back to live happily ever after.

Because of what life is today, it is hard to find a person who is close to a Saint.
He/she would not stand a chance to survive since the people around him would have no conscience
and pick his/her bones like a crow or vulture.

They would say: Every one uses Everyone and that's ok.

Is it ok?
Good is supposed to beget good. Instead we see good begetting bad.
This is why it is important for the battle to go on.
We will either all kill each other or learn as we were intended to do.

It would be nice to know how it all ends.




George said...

You've given us another thoughtful and thought-provoking post. I think today so many people are so confused that they don't know who they are. How can they be true to themselves?

A Lady's Life said...

George with every one complaining and pretenses being what they are, it's a sad state of affairs.

The 10 commandments puts things into perspective and when they are ignored , many other things are as well.I love these old movies.

Rick Watson said...

What you say is probably true, but I tend to look for the good in the world.
I think one reason we see so much bad is that it sells papers, TV and magazine ads.
There has alway been evil in this world. It's programmed into everyone. But there's a lot of good that happens every day that no one knows about.
The main reason is that if people do good for the recognition and the press, it would take away from the good deed.
In fact, some of the best acts of kindness are done anonymously.
The person who does it and take satisfaction from the fact that not only did it make the recipient smile, it made the Good Lord smile too.

Unknown said...

And the murky waters turn clear upon putting it all to pen. Makes so much more sense when you can sit and look at it! lol

I find myself not feeling so uncomfortable about my world closing in on me with so little, compared to the social storm out there. Seems the more you read or hear in the news, the less you care to go near until they get around to posting more good news, versus all the shock and awe.

A Lady's Life said...

So true Teresa.
Yesterday we went to the beach and upon coming back , we were just getting out of the car when this woman comes running out of breath
asking if we saw her dog.
We said no but our little dog was barking behind the front door so she said Can you open your door and let me see your dog?
She thought we stole her dog.
It has come to the point where no one can trust anyone.
I hope she found her dog.
But the news is disheartening.
Sometimes you have to close the TV and just not listen. Otherwise you could get sick yourself.
People are dying cause they are not doing the right things. The right things do not result in death and hurting innocent victims who are put in harms way.

A Lady's Life said...

Rick I agree totally. The thing is we need to see more good out there than wars and blood and bodies.
We need people to believe in the right religion promoting peace.
We need to have more control over these internatonal organizatons who seem to have run off into the horizon promoting wars instead of stopping them.
I dont see the regular person in life, in any country, wanting war. Warring people have to be found by the citizens not intl police and armies and given up.
If the middle class is destroyed, then we are all lost.