Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Taras Bulba

They are showing a lot of Cossack Movies lately
Guess it must be because of the Ukrainian situation.
Taras Bulba is a very well known story and Yul Brenner is wonderful in it as is
Tony Curtis
The Ukraine problem goes way back.
Here it is shown to be fought over by the Cossacks, Turks and Poles.
During WW2 it was the same.


Is it any wonder why Putin insists to get it back.
Throughout history Ukraine has never been free for long.
Fertile land , strategic position etc.. make it an area every one wants.
Today the US has its eye on it and so Putin is hated but say this was Cuba...
well all hell would break loose. Cuba is closer to the US than anyone else
and the US does not like Russia to have friends there.
They feel protective of it as Russia does to Ukraine.

Made very tasty meat balls today with sauce and my vine leaves.

Tried a kale potato soup at Olive Gardens and then made it at home since I had the baby potatoes.
I think my stuff is better  . It is hard to serve hundreds of people and expect
all the food to be made perfect. I have to say it was good but the eggplant parmegiani
and spaghetti was too much for me after trying olives grilled in 4 cheeses and soup.
Took a while to digest. Many people took doggy bags home.

I managed to carve one bone today with my dremel but I need a bit that is even smaller than the ones I have. Hope I can find one.

Have a good one.

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