Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fancy Lace Baby

I finished this little outfit on Canada Day It is for a newborn to 3 month but
it  took a while to make because of all the lacy stitching.

 As  I was making it, I thought it's a good thing its not for a big kid cause it
 would take a month to do lol But it was well worth it.
It is soft and lovely.
The lady SarahSweethearts gave the pattern and said she makes this dress
for charity and hopes others can do the same.
 I can just imagine the joy to get a dress like this.
I keep thinking little boys get left out here cause they just get guy things. lol

The hat was simple enough. I garnished it with flowers and buttons
and although it distressed me to add another color to the white dress
I thought if I just embellished it with a few flowers and the same buttons, the hat
could go with the outfit.

Catching flies was fun today to feed the venus fly trap. I even found a few
little spiders but they never made it cause my husband hit them too hard
with the fly swatter.At night I should be able to get a few mosquitoes.
Funny how a plant gets two people to work for its' keep lol

Clara Hughes bicycled 11 thousand miles across Canada for Mental Health .
She said one in five are affected by some form of mental illness  .
This was shocking to hear.
One in five people?? WHY?
This should concern all Canadians and even Americans since we share one continent.
What do we have to do to change this?

Today was grass cutting day. It is so nice when the lawn is so short you can
play golf on it.
You don't even care about the weeds because you can't see them.
I am glad people don't use insecticides and pesticides on their lawn anymore.
But it sure grows like a weed and by next week it will need another cutting.

We dont remove the cut grass cause it is the best thing for it. It just goes
back into Mother Nature, self fertilizing.

It's nice to be able to sit back and enjoy the back yard and sunshine once in a while.

Have a good one.


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